First Nation elders bring the rain, differences between modern and Greek gymnasiums, and the Milt n Mia Show ‘Get Over Yourself’ Handbook

How lovely! The rain has returned to Northern California, at last!

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I heard a rumor that a whole bunch of spiritual elders from several of the First Nation tribes had gotten together a couple weeks ago and “influenced” the high pressure ridge off California, which has been sitting there all winter blocking any advancing storms, to ‘move along’. Hmmm; we now have one major storm after another pouring into California, the vaunted Pineapple Express that hits the region every few years.

Coincidence? Buncha old Indians taking credit for a purely natural phenomenon?

You be the judge…


Stan writes, “I heard a thing the other day about the ancient gymnasiums in Greece. Do you know anything about them? They seem really different than ours today.”

Yes, as different as night and day, Stan. The ancient gymnasium, originated by Plato and his school, really was something to behold, for there men were trained to fight and think; they were inextricably linked. The focus in the gymnasiums was on physical and mental exercise and preparation, along with study of the arts and sciences of the day, including music. The idea then was a beautiful one: God and genetics gave you your essential skills, but you had to learn to use them and for that, it took training by masters.

Today, unfortunately in my view, Stan, we have separated those essential studies and fooled our youth into believing you have to be a jock or a geek but the two can’t be blended well, which obviously is a lie. Men and woman are quite capable of being both extraordinarily athletic and supremely intelligent; there are a great many of what are known as ‘Renaissance People’ today, those that are broad in their abilities and are not afraid of labels. We have all sorts of excellent models laying about, as well; look over the life of Earnest Hemingway, for example, or how about Edward Hoffer?

Our gymnasiums today are all about perfecting the appearance of the body, while ignoring that which drives it, the cybernetic and spiritual components always present in Greek gymnasiums. While there are repeated references in antiquity to men with amazing physiques, if he couldn’t think or form a sentence, he was essentially worthless. Not so today, where we’re creating a nation of young, sculpted narcissists who could give a damn for understanding and/or utilizing the tools of thought.

As a teacher and coach, I do my damnedest to integrate and engender a love for both athletics and scholastic in my students. I am fighting against the very strong current of separation, however, the idea that it’s just not cool to be a jock, if you’re a geek, or a geek, if you’re a jock. I do what I can to dispel this pernicious BS by using my own life as an example. Not sure how effective I’ve been but I do stand out from my boot-licking, union-kissing colleagues…


Hey, again I want to thank those who’ve downloaded one or more of our podcasts, which are now up at ITunes and in various places across the Net. We’ll be doing a very cool Valentine’s Day special podcast and we’ve come up with a contest I’d like to invite all of you to participate in, The Most Unforgettable Valentine’s Day Dates.

Send an email to us ( outlining what you think would make for an Unforgettable Valentine’s Day Date and the top 10 or so will win a free copy of the paperback, Kindle or audio versions of my book. I’ll be reading each winner on the show and Mia will be picking out the Grand Prize Winner -ta da!- who’ll receive a paperback AND audiobook AND a free copy of our upcoming booklet, The “Get Over Yourself” Handbook!

Now, about that booklet, it’s almost finished and it features 40 or so themes and our responses and advice for situations many of us are or have faced in our relationships, for instance, advice on what to do when your partner is found cheating on you, to how to deal with being caught in a lie, to what to do with a jealous lover. It’s a short, dense and direct collection of our thoughts on those seminal -ahem- issues that seem to disturb so many of us, something you can turn to quickly and find something meaningful that YOU can do for yourself.

But, take a listen to the podcast first and see how you react; most like our direct, informative style, but some don’t, so you be the judge.

Here’s the link at ITunes:!-milt-n/id796661531

If you don’t have an ITunes player, you can hear it directly on TuneIN:


Last email, from Jed: “Hey, what a discovery, I was going back through this blog all the way into 2012 and I found all sorts of your essays on famous and brutal women in history. Just amazing, really well done and the piece on Zingua the Immolator was the best I ever read. Thanks for doing this, but why’d you stop? What about Zenobia, for instance?”

Ah, Zenobia, the scourge of the later Roman empire who ruled with an iron fist as hard as any man, yeah, I coulda gone further and kept listing each week every woman I could think of from the forgotten pages of history but, uh, my book suddenly was available and I turned my attention to making sure the world heard about it. No, it isn’t a bad idea to chronicle our most ruthless and powerful women, and it would make for a great book, hmmm…

I’ll consider this as I go outside in a few minutes and enjoy my last Cuban, which somehow managed to find its way into my luggage when I was in Brasil last March, how odd…

Keep sending me your comments and questions, I really appreciate them! Take care!

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