“Screw the EU or Full Steam Ahead for the One World Government!”, Kathie Lee T. wins our Valentine’s Contest, and how did Milt know about those Spiritual Elders?

Hey there, one and all! Happy Valentine’s Day! Hope you all have had a chance to listen to our Milt n Mia Show Special Valentine’s Day episode, and if you haven’t, for shame!

(Yes, still having issues with my blog template, so forgive the confusion, this WILL get resolved…)

Craig asks, “Milt, you seem really well versed in most things but you really never say anything about politics. Are you afraid to let us know your political leanings, or what? I’d think you, as a progressive man, would be loudly shouting how our country needs to become much more like Europe, but you never say that, why?”

Politics, eh? Man, I’m a weird blend of radical progressive and staunch libertarian. Let’s put the Libertarian Hat on here first…

“Uh, well, Craig, in Europe and the EU, it’s all about government, BIG government. From birth to death, you are dominated by the government, so please, I may be progressive but I am more a freedom-loving individual with a family history of authoritarian oppression going back centuries. I’m from Wales, where the ‘bloody good’ fucking English lords kept their boots on the neck of my grandfathers while treating them worse than slaves and, oh incidentally, raping my grandmothers whenever the urge arose.

“I also have Germanic blood in me, the fiercest, most independent people on the planet, so there is NO WAY I endorse the current trend of vast centralization and the stripping of our individuality, which is the essence of life in the EU. Yeah, I know, it sure seems one happy family where everything is taken care of for you, oh, and you get a 5 week vacation too?

“Sorry, I won’t be bought off by such cheap trades of my personal liberty, and you can tout your ‘European Models’ all you want, Craig, but I ain’t buyin’ any. Government is NOT God, and I refuse to turn over my liberty to a bunch of control freak psychopaths bent on creating their fraudulent One World System of Enslavement!

“Fuck the EU, fuck the NSA, fuck the tyrants, including the many fascist progressives who could give a shit for us peasants in their blind, mad rush to create their utopian society. Let me tell you the meaning of Utopia is, ‘Ev-to-pi-a‘ in old Greek; it means ‘doesn’t exist’ or better, ‘cannot exist’, yet we are bent on giving over our sovereignty to a bunch of people who believe in creating something that, by definition, can’t exist? Really? Who are the fools here? Who really benefits and who will inevitably be the losers?

“Ah yes, the bankers win and the peasants, as usual, take it in the rear, and Craig, for your information and enlightenment, ‘peasants’, like it or not, Mr. “I got a new IPhone30, how free I am,” means you and me…”

Now, that’s the Libertarian view; let’s see what the Progressive in me says:

“Full steam ahead with the inevitable One World System! The Plebes and Peasants have trashed the place enough and now it’s time for the firm hand of reasoned science and intellectual fire-power to come and take over where the slobs and selfish pigs have almost destroyed whatever’s left!

Plato was right, only those trained in the noble arts should rule, the mob can’t rule themselves and whenever they do, chaos and destruction emerge in their wake. Turn the authority over to the ones who UNDERSTAND what’s going on AND can do something about it, and don’t worry about the squawks from those on the sidelines, since sometimes a little pain comes from any necessary changes, and we are in great need of changes NOW! Let the Elites free to rule as they please!”

There, that political enough for you, Craig? Take your pick on which view you ascribe to; me, I’m a student…of possibilities!


Hey, gotta thank those who’ve downloaded our podcasts. The Valentine’s Day special podcast is now live and Kathie Lee T. of Ann Arbor, MI, won our Most Unforgettable Valentine’s Day Dates Contest with a really unique and lovely theme, which you just gotta hear. Kathie Lee, our Grand Prize Winner -yea!- received a paperback AND audiobook of How High Should I Jump, AND a free copy of our upcoming booklet, The “Get Over Yourself” Handbook!

We’re getting a steady flow of emails for Mia and myself, and yes, Bill U., you can ask anything you actually are having trouble with and we will explore and advise in our dense, brief and direct style (MiltnMiaShow@gmail.com). Yes, maybe I mock the serious-minded, but it’s all in an effort to make you see how really useless it is to get all caught up worrying. What good is worry, anyway? Doesn’t get you any closer to understanding and/or resolving your issues, and really only makes things worse.

Our booklet is almost finished and it features themes and our responses and advice for situations many of us face, for instance, advice on what to do when your partner is found cheating on you, how to deal with being caught in a lie, what to do with a jealous lover, or other painful or confusing issues, something you can turn to quickly and find something meaningful that YOU can do for yourself.

Here’s the MiltnMia Show link at ITunes:


If you don’t have an ITunes player, you can hear it directly on TuneIN:



Final note:

Got an email from Tim R., an old friend out in Fallon, Nevada, “You hit it, M, the Elders finally got pissed off and did something about that high ridge of pressure of Cali, now the jet stream is coming our way for the next 2 months! That was supposed to be a huge secret, nobody was supposed to know, so how’d you find out?”

Oh, now Tim, I been ’round awhile and my connections go weirdly deep. Yeah, I may not be connected on Wall Street, in the halls of Congress or in Hollywood, but as an admirer of the world’s masters, both present and past, my fame has reached into the smallest corners. Let’s just say I have my finger on the true pulse of the world, and if it’s important, I usually hear it relatively quickly.

Alright, that’s enough, sun’s out and my Mom is coming over for dinner, take care!



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