Snitching on a loved one: do you, or don’t you?

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After Milt introduces the show and Mia defines what a Life Wizard is, he mentions the new author interview feature with today’s guest, Ms Caramel, he brings in an email which relates the ethical dilemma of a woman with a husband who recently exposed himself but another man was arrested for the crime; she deliberates between protecting him and turning him in, and Mia speaks on both sides of the issue but asks, “What led the man to do this without feeling great guilt?” Milt takes a philosophical look at the essence of the split between civilized and cultural views of crime, “Here, you must turn him; in cultures, you fear shaming your family and angering your mother.” Mia comments on sexualizing and traumatizing innocent children and what is in the mind of the man, and ultimately suggests the husband must be turned in. They explore the problem of forgiveness versus staying with the husband, and how to repair broken trust.



Milt broadens the discussion to include casual sex and fetishes including gangbangs and asks Mia’s views on experimentation in sex, and Mia replies, “Some regret afterwards, some don’t and seek more, but the roots of a person don’t change.” Milt talks about licentious Rome and the following conservative period, and Mia suggests this present period is part of the human cycle, not a good or bad thing.



Milt reads an email for Mia only, “Should I participate in a 3-some my husband really wants?” Mia explores the issue, “I have never done it but everyone I know regrets it; there’s barely enough room in bed for 2!” Mia then asks, “What is the goal of all this casual sex? Where does it lead you?” Milt asks the audience for their personal experiences in casual sex, and says, “If you do and you then regret it, it’s a difficult stain to remove.” Milt reads a light email, the Gisele breastfeeding incident, which Mia totally agrees with the famous model, “The milk is for the kid, so why can’t you have your hair done and breastfeed at the same time? It’s mostly because people are envious of her.” Milt mentions The ‘Get Over Yourself’ Handbook and what’s in it, then closes the show with the Ms Caramel author interview.


Check out this episode!

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