Fallout from Milt’s Men’s Conference appearance, our interview with the author Ms. Caramel, and Milt weighs in on the John Mayer-Katy Perry breakup

Oh, man, the spring allergies have hit hard, wow! I can’t speak for you, and hell, I’m a native of this area and shouldn’t get so affected but my word, these pollens just wipe out the energy…

Well, not all one’s energy, I still can type and, as usual, I do have lots to say.

Let’s first look at recent fallout from my statements concerning the MenzWerkz Men’s Conference over in Mendocino I just attended. Essentially, I suggested that psychology is losing/has lost its grip and thus, utility as a system for dealing with, in this case, men’s issues.

I am convinced of this, though some are not, including a MenzWerkz therapist, Richard W, who said, “I cannot agree that ‘…the era of psychology is now over’, though we are finding increasing resistance to some forms of therapy, though clearly not all.” Uh, I’d say that’s a hell of an understatement, Richard, and the truth is, men at least are rejecting traditional therapy with its tendency to compartmentalize and narrow the scope of a man’s life and what he is and should be capable of, in favor of forms of thought which expand and free them.

Another interesting comment came from Garth Y: “…most guys are not ready to devote themselves to their women. Doesn’t really make sense to us.” Yeah, I get that, too, Garth, most guys are still so mired in their selfish, me-first-in-everything thought processes that ANYTHING threatening to undermine their little kingdoms is rejected outright. I do my best to argue that becoming devoted to women IS the path that will lead to real freedom, and yet, as Garth also said, “…I don’t know how many really get what you’re doing. Men like things in straight lines and your anything but!!!” Yeah, I understand that my brand of satire is lost on some, hell, even a lot of my audience, but what am I to do, quit? Become psycho-babblical? F that, I am what I am and that is, a poet/philosopher of the Old School, which means, I don’t buy into formulas or plug-in systems from dis-connected authoritarians. I distrust them, and in my view, you should, too.

“Why?” you might ask. Well, I am speaking for people who like to set their own courses in life, individuals both men and women who just aren’t easily led about and as such, how can plug-in systems of thought and behavior, cookie-cutter monstrosities created by experts with no relation to you or no real interest in who you are, actually understand the nuances of your experiences? Better to become your own therapist and observer of your thoughts and actions; better to learn what you CAN affect and control in your life, and that which you CANNOT, and save yourself the time, effort, money and demeaning frustration of putting yourself into the hands of power-seeking authoritarians who see you as just another ‘client’ rather than the truth-seeking individual you really are. Authoritarians will never reveal the truth of anything to you, they will sell THEIR TRUTH to you in expensive, and ultimately useless, slices.

You may feel I’m being unduly harsh on therapists and their system, but I stand by my words. Fuck ’em


I want to thank the model and author, Ms Caramel, for coming on our latest episode of Get Over Yourself! The Milt n Mia Show! I enjoyed asking her all about her latest book, “In love with the Other Man,” which is receiving quite a lot of attention, and getting to know this unique and interesting author. The book is rife with infidelity and betrayals -right up my ally!- and is now sitting on the shelf of my ‘must read’ pile of books, many of which are gathering dust and screaming at me to ‘read faster’, ‘hey, read me first’, ‘no, me first!’

Geez, I’m getting there, guys, hold on…

Here’s a couple of shots of Ms Caramel:

Ms. CaramelBooks for Ms Caramel

We will be offering these author/celebrity interviews on a semi-regular basis, and I hope you get a chance to listen to our latest show, Snitching on a loved one: do you, or don’t you? which really takes a look at some heavy issues, including, yes, whether or not to snitch on a loved on (ouch!) as well as looking at the impact of having a 3-some. Oh yes, there IS an impact, so tune in to the show and see what Mia has to say; you will not be disappointed by my firebrand of a wife!

Here’s the link at ITunes:https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/get-over-yourself!-milt-n/id796661531

If you don’t have an ITunes player, you can hear it directly on TuneIN:



Funny, let me end with an email that, uh…well, here it is, from Janet R:

“John Mayer and Katy Perry just broke up. I’m kinda sad, I really liked that video of them. I heard he super-loves porno and wild sex, do you think that’s why she broke up with him?”

Well, Janet, I am rather surprised you came to ME with such a question, though maybe you’re just effing with me; still, I take everything VERY SERIOUSLY, and will do so with your question; here goes:

How the hell would I know? I, uh…well, maybe she did get tired of him ogling hotties or demanding she perform in bisexual interracial BDSM gangbangs or whatnot; of course, maybe SHE was demanding wild sexuality that HE couldn’t keep up with, who knows?

Does it really matter, Janet, what goes on in the lives of our anointed gods, our untouchable celebrities? And would we ever really know the truth of what actually happens behind their closed doors, and should we even care? I, for one, do not, and I would you advise you don’t, either. Leave the poor perpetually-hounded celebs some peace, please, and in the meantime, let’s get to monitoring our actions and thoughts so we don’t end up looking like they do, fools lost on the clouds of their indulgences.

I believe we have better things to be doing…don’t we? Well, go do ’em, I’m outta here!



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