Loving more than 1 person at a time

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After Milt introduces the show, he mentions a passing thought from last week’s author interview with Ms Caramel, “I can only love 1 man at a time,” and asks Mia about the possibility of truly loving more than one. Mia replies, “More than 1 at a time is really hard, takes time and commitment to get to love even one and it doesn’t happen overnight.” Milt suggests some people are claiming to love more than 1 and people are getting confused between the sensations of love and sex. Mia expands on how Love takes a long time to develop, and Milt again suggests we don’t really understand how to love each other. Mia explores the differences between sexual feelings and true love and how easy it is to fall for an older, wealthy man.


Milt reads an email from a woman who likes to fall in love but after 6 months, she falls out of love. Mia suggests it’s a normal process, more about finding out about yourself, and urges she start writing in a journal so she can see what actually happens. Milt says maybe this is a symptom of the times, “People looking for good feelings only,” and Mia says, “Women have a different necessity in love than men do, they need companionship more than sex.”


Another man writes in who isn’t sure he loves a woman, “She seems perfect but she’s critical of me.” Mia says, “When you’re in love, you have no doubts. Sounds like you can’t handle this woman, she won’t change.” A woman writes to say she is in love with her best friend but isn’t sure he feels the same and wonders if she should tell him, and Mia replies, “You can’t fear Love, but you need to find out where he’s at, so invite him over and test the waters. If he’s excited, good, if not, you’ll know.”


Another woman says she has 2 boyfriends, one rich and hot the other is broke but funny yet gives lousy sex but can’t decide which she wants; Mia replies, “No issue for me, the rich, hot guy for sure! Money is necessary and sexual pleasure is important, and women without sex are never happy and she will look for that fulfillment later.” Milt debunks the myth of the poor, starving artist, “Money affords you comfort to work.” Mia disagrees, “Hardship and stress are important to artists, yet having a man with a brain is very important.”


Milt mentions The ‘Get Over Yourself’ Handbook and Mia discusses its details before closing the show.




Check out this episode!

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