Stung by a nasty tax bill, an emailer rips “Queer-Bener,” and Milt’s thoughts on International Women’s Day

Tax season, tax season, tax season. Ugh. Yes, yours truly has been hit with a fat tax bill, and I ain’t likin’ it one bit. Now, I realize that this is something any middle class American faces every year, and I have yet to meet anyone who actually enjoys paying their taxes or doesn’t bitch to some degree, so I suppose I am in good company.


It still came as a shock when I was handed the bill, and what made matters worse is, I could have avoided the size of my bill if I had been more of a devious cheater, but, like many, I don’t believe in fudging on my taxes, if for no other reason than eventually the Tax Man does find out and the penalties for cheating, on your taxes or your wife, always come home with a heavy bang!


Something I have done and continue to do is believe that my taxes are going to support what I believe is the most generous welfare state in the world, not to mention our very fine -if a bit crumbling- infrastructure. No, in many ways, I do not mind paying taxes at all, as I and my family as well as you, dear readers, have long enjoyed the benefits of a well-funded governmental structure that truly cares and provides for its underclasses. I get that and further, I strongly believe that a wealthy society should care for its poorest.


The rate of taxation falling upon the lower-middle to middle class is far out of balance from what it should be, with our wealthy 1-percenters essentially paying nothing, and our poor essentially paying nothing (other than onerous point-of-sale taxes which, if examined, have our poor paying quite a high rate for their purported ‘food’, for example), leaving the bulk of the burden to fall on you and I.

Thus, I bitch and moan but quietly write the check. What other options does one have?


This week’s MiltnMia Show podcast episode is now live and it is an interesting one:

Loving more than 1 person at a time

Yes, Mia and I explore the possibilities of truly loving and not just caring for or feeling affectionate towards more than 1 person at a time, before turning to listener emails and offering some thoughts on our upcoming booklet, The ‘Get Over Yourself’ Milt n Mia Show Handbook (which we keep re-vamping and fidgeting with).

Here’s the link at ITunes:!-milt-n/id796661531

If you don’t have an ITunes player, you can hear it directly on TuneIN:

I must thank everyone who has been brave enough to send their comments and questions to us; we greatly appreciate your coming to us, even though we get a steady stream of rather non-nonsensical emails along with those who really do need some advice.

Now, I don’t really want to publicize the oddball shit meant to either piss us off or make us laugh, as I am not looking to encourage this, yet at the same time I don’t mind receiving whatever you have to say; just doesn’t mean that I will address it, especially publicly. Witness one emailer, Frank Y in Tustin, CA, who absolutely pounds me with almost daily emails; he has found a target for his...witticisms, let’s say, and has probably sent me I’m guessing 300 emails since I began this blog -correct me, Frank if I’m mistaken- but Frank just can’t understand how and why I don’t give his emails a place on my blog or the podcast.

I will make a one-time exception for you, Frank, and will address your latest message, which I will give in full:

“Milton Queer-Fuck, everybody hated you at that conference, so why don’t come right out and admit your a fag-loving FEMNIST who is trying to grab our guns and make us into little queer boys who do what the women want??? Where’s your balls, Queer-Bener?”

My balls. Well, forgive me, Frank, if I have chosen an email which does not represent a true sample of what you have to say with respect to my character and my work; to my mind, however, this one rather sums up the many I have received. Not that I am afraid of criticism; I relish real, objective criticism that allows me to understand and grow. Your brand, however, dear Frank, doesn’t leave me much room to understand or grow


Finally, I want to address this week’s International Women’s Day, which was March 8th this year.

Now, in many respects, it strikes me as sad that we have to set aside a day to recognize and applaud the efforts of the women of our planet, yet it is an unfortunate reality that, even in the 21st Century, the overall state of women across our globe has not really changed to the degree it ought to, at least in my mind. By that I mean, women are still little more than chattel and a lot less valuable than an oxen across Asia, Africa, India, the Mid-East and Latin America, though it is heartening to see the gains women have made in these extremely-restrictive societies.

Still, women bear the brunt of industrial demands for cheap labor, and until such time as the Powers That Be realize the need to change the structure of the industrial workplace in favor of giving women a more level playing field with respect to wages and working conditions, we will continue to essentially enslave women under our present Status Quo. Pisses me off to see injustice anywhere, and this is a huge and relatively unspoken and completely egregious injustice perpetrated on our mothers.

One day we will give women the respect and treatment they deserve; unfortunately, that day has yet to appear. I shall continue to do my part, however, as I suspect you will, too.

Celebrate women’s efforts, applaud and thank them, and make every day Women’s Day. Take care!

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