How to deal with a Cheater

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After Milt introduces the show (and mentions their regular author interview feature coming at the end of the show with The Mantor, Steven Shewack), Milt comments on Steven’s belief that we shouldn’t focus on the sexual differences between men and women, by challenging that assumption. Milt adds that there are differences between the sexes, especially in the way we think, and Mia says, “That’s what makes us interesting.” They discuss male versus female intuition and the fear of male energy, along with the changes that have taken place in men.



Milt mentions the flood of emails relating to cheating, and reads one from a woman who’s husband is cheating yet she also is talking with her ex regularly; Mia agrees with the husband though she suggests the husband is paying her back for continuing to talk with her ex and believes they’re both cheating, and advises a conversation immediately. Another emailer got caught by her young daughter kissing her husband’s boss; Mia urges her to explain it all to her husband before the daughter says anything, “Honesty, as painful as it is, is always the right policy.” Milt struggles with the imagined scene, then reads an email from a man who caught his girlfriend with his roommate and who is sickened; Mia offers sympathy to the man, “It’s natural to be angry, but things do happen,” then suggests the man find out what was lacking in the relationship for her to do that. Milt suggests modern people have very poor character, which is contributing to their poor choices; Mia disagrees, “Things happen when your young and people need to experiment to know what they want.”




Milt talks about The ‘Get Over Yourself’ Handbook and describes what it’s about, before introducing the author interview with Steven Shewack and closing the show.


Check out this episode!

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