Avalanche of aggressive Christian emails, Milt is no atheist, The Mantor Steven Shewach’s podcast interview, and banning the word ‘bossy’

Spring seems to revive all our frustrations and any nasty thoughts that have been laying dormant, or un-dealt with. I’m speaking in regards to an avalanche of aggressive emails I’ve been receiving from people claiming to be Christians and who don’t mind revealing their intolerance of anything outside their narrow world-view. Really amazing what’s come into my in-box lately; last week I spoke of a guy who sends me stuff almost every day, some of it quite vile (“Queer-Bener” for example), and this week, my word, the hatred is flowin‘.

With my taxes behind me, I’m still in a combative mood, so let’s take a look at an email from Ben:

“I read one of your posts where you attacked a Christian for his beliefs. So, Mr. Smart Ass, are you willing to declare here for all the world that your (sic) an Atheist?”

Ben, having read the post where I purportedly ‘attacked a Christian for his beliefs’, you should have noted that this was a defense; I do not go out looking to attack anyone, ever. I don’t mind explaining and describing my views on any subject, though it gets tedious having to face off with people who, similar to yourself, make such blatantly ignorant statements that there really isn’t much one can say. I like dialogue and conversation, and I don’t think I hold any fears or hatreds of anyone other than being rather impatient of pushy stupidity, of which you evangelicals seem to be in great supply.

No, Ben, sorry but I am not an atheist. I revere, respect and listen intently to, as Epictetus calls it, ‘my Genius within‘. It is my intuitive voice that is the voice of God, who sees all. My inner voice has never failed me, though how many times have I not listened, oh shame! No, I am no atheist, I love God and my work is under The Divine Shade of Understanding, which I receive like the artesian spring, from on high.

Now, I can easily understand how you might see me as un-Godly or A-theistic, though that’s really only in reference to Judeo/Christian strictures, for if you generously expand your definition of what ‘being Godly’ might include, there you’ll see me, working away happy and contented under The Shade.

No, I don’t really mind the hate mail, unless you go after my family; other than that, say what you want freely and I’ll be respectful, even when you aren’t.

I do, however, get emails which do not put me on the defensive yet are interested in finding out what makes me tick. Reggie asks, “You never really talk about any Modern Authors and their influence on you. Surely you’ve read SOME writers of the modern era, so which of them do you include in your regular reading, your canonical foundation?”

Ah, Reggie, my ‘canonical foundation’ reveals quite a paucity of present-era writers, I’ll admit, when stacked next to my beloved Harvard Loebs. I do, however, regularly turn to a few men and women I trust, though they overwhelmingly come from the self-help/spirituality/alternative thought sector. I’m a fan of Wayne Dyer and Carolyn Myss, for example, and Louis Hay and Bruce Lipton, the pop behaviorists who are injecting philosophy -or parts thereof- into their work by distilling it to a level which people can readily access. I enjoy their work, though I don’t think you could say I follow or adhere to any of it, for my reference points are rooted in 5th Century BCE Athens.

I am, though, and especially this last year, listening with greater attention to the work of Neville. I find that, of all the self-help personal illuminationists of the last century, this lightly-regarded man comes closest to the understanding of the Ancient Greeks as anyone has by declaring Consciousness as the basis for all matter. In truth, Neville and the Pre-Socratics are in complete agreement on this key point, the nature of Reality and our link to the Divine.

I’ll not try to give you the Reader’s Digest version of his work, however, and will only invite you -should you have an interest- to read for yourself one of the great works of the 20th Century, ‘The Power of Awareness‘, and see if any of it seeps into your Being.


This week’s MiltnMia Show podcast episode is now live and it’s quite intriguing:

How to deal with a Cheater

We seem to have opened a vein of interest in people lately, and in the month of March alone we’ve gotten maybe 15 messages from people who want to know more about our views on Cheating and Infidelity. The show is filled with thoughts on Cheating, and is followed by our irregular author interview feature with this week’s guest, The Mantor, Steven Shewach.

Here’s a shot of Steven:


Here’s the link at ITunes:


If you don’t have an ITunes player, you can hear it directly on TuneIN:



One last email of interest, from Kelly P: “Have you seen all this stuff about women wanting to ban the word ‘bossy’? It kind of seems over the line to me, and I just hate the idea that we should ban any word, even the N word. Banning words just seems wrong, and stupid, do you agree, R?”

Oh, Kelly, your email is sweet music to my ears, and yes, I have seen this purported ‘controversy’ and am dragging the issue over to the podcast where Mia and I can thoroughly chop the shit out of it. I’ll save the bulk of my thoughts for the show, sorry, but I agree that banning words is an act of tyranny that cannot be allowed in America. While the intention may be modestly noble, the idea that a free society should ban any words is a fucking abomination!

I’ll calm down as soon as I go outside and fire up a woody Dominican, but censorship in America, friends, must be combated! I’m outta here!



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