Deceit and Duplicity: Becoming a Liar to survive

After Milt introduces the show and each other, he begins talking about this week’s theme, Deceit, Duplicity and Lying, and offers some background into the schizophrenic nature of today’s society where you have to play a number of roles to survive. Mia agrees that lying is so easy today but then asks, “Who are you really lying to? We ultimately lie to ourselves.” Milt explores the idea that you almost have to lie today in order to get ahead but don’t really know who they are when they take the mask down. Mia feels, though there may be legitimate reasons for lying today, still, can you trust someone if you know they lie regularly? Milt then offers that he is an expert in on-line dating and has seen men using other men’s images rather than their own to attract women; Mia is sympathetic, “It’s easy to lie today, but who are you really lying to?”



Milt reads emails, first from a man who keeps catching his girlfriend in lies and wonders if he should say anything. Mia says it’s natural when your young to lie due to competition and trying to fit in, offering her own story when she was young, then suggests you must confront the person and if they don’t change, they enjoy lying and will probably never stop. Mia explores the essence of lying and what makes a person turn to it, suggesting it’s a great insecurity and really don’t love themselves.



Another woman wants to know how to break up with a guy who manipulates her with his tears, so Mia says, “Write a letter, send it in the mail if he won’t accept it face-to-face.” Mia talks about how society has changed and robbed people of their basic survival mechanisms which brought us common sense. Milt says, “All our natural forms of learning are not allowed any more.” Another woman wants her boyfriend to give her oral sex but doesn’t know how to ask, to which Mia says, “Put yourself on his face when he’s sleeping!” She talks about exploring what she wants as a fantasy they can do together. They discuss how many men are expecting to receive sex today without reciprocating, when in the old days, it was the man who hunted her and ‘heated her up’. Milt reads another email from a woman who just wants friendship from a guy who wants her body, and Mia offers advice on being straight with him.



Milt reads an email from a man who wonders if young people are either grossly out of shape or sculpted. Mia says this is a product of our times and talks about family models and developing a healthy body, before Milt introduces The ‘Get Over Yourself’ Handbook and describes what it’s about, before closing the show.




Check out this episode!

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