The ‘Get Over Yourself’ Handbook on Cheating and Betrayal, a listener wants to hear more Milt on the show, and ‘what does the “R” stand for?’

I know, March Madness is upon us and who has any interest in stupid stuff like personal issues and philosophy?

Uh, some of us do, so for those who are not glued to their TVs screaming for State to kick ass on U, let me start this wonderful Sunday morning off and announce we are on the verge of publishing our long-dreamed of booklet, The ‘Get Over Yourself’ Handbook on Cheating and Betrayal. Yea!

Yep, maybe as soon as the end of this week we’ll have finished the last few details. It’s been a lot of fun working with Mia on getting to the essence of many of toady’s relationship issues, and I think we’ve reached into and extracted the core of what is important in understanding how to navigate through the treacherous relationship waters of betrayal and lying and many thorny problems facing couples today.

Our podcast, by the way, is picking up steam and gaining new listeners every week, and I want to thank everyone who has downloaded a show or two. Now, I realize that this show differs from last fall’s PLV show, where I took a much more provocatively absurd approach to dealing with the issues that came my way from readers and listeners. On Get Over Yourself, I have toned down my satire and snip in favor of allowing my genius wife, Mia, to air out her thoughts without my smart-ass-isms taking away from or coloring the show. Of course, you can’t please everybody; here’s a note from Franklin, who has been with me for a couple years now:

Miltonian, when the f&ck are YOU gonna start showing up on your show? I hear all your wife’s thinking and it’s good, not saying it isn’t but where the hell are you and your legendary smart-ass witticisms? You keep saying at the start of each show how you’re going to make fun of everybody’s problems but you really don’t, you’re too f&cking kind, and I would like to hear more of your buffoonish absurdity and, yes, mocking our little problems. Come on, Miltonian, shake the fear!!!”

‘Shake the fear’, ok, Franklin, I hear ya. I have been purposely sitting back some during our shows to allow my wife to air her thoughts, but yeah, I have been hedging from my ‘legendary’ smart-ass judging of others and their situations. The show, in many ways, is much more straight-forward advice and comment than The Sexual Symposium, yet I am aiming at a blend of the two and realize I do gotta pop off a bit more; I mean, I am the author of a book which advises the most absurd situations as corrective measures for what ails us, so, yeah, thanks Franklin, I’ll step it up!


I have a couple people who keep writing wanting to know what the ‘R‘ in my name stands for, so if you don’t mind, let me tell the story before we get on to more serious issues, you see, when I was young, I grew up with everybody calling me Milt, Milty or Milton, but never R. When I started going to school and was asked about it, I always would say, “It’s just something from my family” and never really thought about it, until I was at a family reunion when I was 10 or so, we were all sitting around the table and somebody asked or maybe I did, I don’t remember, what R stands for, and my grandmother- the matriarch of the family and the one who set the rules and knew they would be obeyed- stood up and quieted the table.

Whenever anyone asks you what the ‘R’ stands for, you tell them there are three choices and they get to pick which one it is: Rhadamanthus, Richard, or Roo, and leave it at that.”

I was totally confused but remember asking, “But which one is it?” and my grandmother shouting back, “It is not Richard!”

Everybody laughed and for the rest of the day I was the butt of all sorts of jokes; it drove me crazy wondering which one it was, too, and why my parents -or grandparents actually- had chosen that name, and just who the hell this Rhadamanthus and Roo were!

Maybe like a lot of people, I grew to be a little ashamed of my name and did all sorts of things to avoid having to explain myself, until I was 25 and I was reading some Greek mythology and lo and behold, there was the story of Rhadamanthus, the great ruler of ancient Greece with his ‘inflexible integrity’. Cool, ok, that’s me!

Then, my curiosity piqued, I looked into ‘Roo’. Great, a kangaroo character out of Winnie-the-Pooh, are you kidding me, you named me Roo? I’ll take Rhadamanthus and cut it to ‘R’, thanks.

Geez, do I come from a weird family..


This week’s MiltnMia Show podcast episode is now live and it’s quite intriguing:

Deceit and Duplicity: Becoming a Liar to survive

We explore the idea that lying and deceit may be necessary tools today in order to get ahead and what the after-affects of lying really are, along with taking a hard look at one of our core issues, Communication and how poorly we do it these days.

Here’s the link at ITunes:!-milt-n/id796661531

If you don’t have an ITunes player, you can hear it directly on TuneIN:


No, I will not be staying inside all day today to watch yet another round of basketball games; I’m no real March Madness fan, not because I don’t like basketball but because it is yet another entertainment spectacle which allows us to forget everything else and pour our enthusiasm into without much thinking.

Too bad we don’t approach understanding and reflection with the same intensity…

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