Censorship and banning the word ‘Bossy’

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After Milt introduces the show -and mentions Mia’s nasty case of poison oak infection- he talks about the recent controversy over feminist attempts to ban the word ‘bossy’. Milt says, ‘We don’t go about banning words just because a few people think we should’. Mia says, ‘Banning a word doesn’t mean a change in behavior’ and Milt offers, ‘The majority of college grads are women’. Mia asks, ‘Now it’s “bossy” but what’s the next word we ban? These people have too much time on their hands!’ Milt then talks about the popularity of the N word in today’s youth, and Mia says, ‘This is just another social experiment’.


Milt reads from emails, a woman who loved the Valentines Show but disagrees with the statement that ‘Valentines is a commercial holiday that should be lived every day’; Mia holds firm and says, ‘We need more Valentines Days, we need more love and less time in front of the computer’. Milt says, ‘It should be rolled into how we treat each other every day’. Another email from a couple challenges Mia’s assertion that pornography in excess is harmful, but Mia counters, ‘We’re talking different issues, addictions rather than moderate use; porno CAN be a great tool’.


Another email criticizes Mia’s statement that people should do everything together, by saying she will not drop any of her independent habits including having sex with other men, but Milt and Mia both say, ‘Then why are you getting married? Marriage is a union where 2 become 1’. Milt then adds, ‘When you get married, you lose any right to an independent life; good luck finding a guy who will agree to that’. Another email tells how upset a woman got after her BF stood up drunk at a party and bragged about her qualities but she got upset; Mia replies, ‘Maybe she got mad because she didn’t believe him; maybe he needs alcohol to speak his mind, and she didn’t feel he was sincere’.


Milt then talks about the upcoming booklet, The Get Over Yourself! Handbook on Cheating and Betrayal, and Mia reveals some of the essential points they talk about in the book, ‘It’s a simple way for you to look at your problems’, before they close the show.


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One Response to “Censorship and banning the word ‘Bossy’”
  1. Susan Wooldridge says:

    Great stuff. Heading to north coast for workshops this week… See you when I get back xoxo

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