Falling out of love: Now what?

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After Milt introduces the show, he mentions The Get Over Yourself! Handbook on Cheating and Betrayal is now available; Mia speaks on the essence of the book before Milt introduces the show’s theme, Falling out of Love, or losing the desire for the person you’re with. Milt asks Mia, “How do you stay in a loveless relationship, and should you? Is it the best thing for the kids?” Mia responds, “It’s a very individual case but staying together for the kids is generally better than the destruction of divorce, at least until a certain age.” Mia goes on to explore what happens after divorce versus staying for the good of the children, suggesting “The kids aren’t with us that long, so determine if the situation is tolerable or not; you can suffer but the kids don’t deserve to.”


Milt brings in an email asking for general parenting advice for a young couple just starting out, and Mia replies, “The first 2 years of a child’s life, it is important the mother stay at home and be with the kids; there is no substitute of you being with them. Breast-feeding also is the best thing you can do for them.” Milt asks whether a parent should become a helicopter parent, or take another approach; Mia replies, “It’s better to let the kids be free and allow them to make mistakes and fall and nobody will be there to hold your hand, and don’t allow your kids to watch TV; allow them to live.” Milt asks about volunteering in your child’s school, which Mia recommends; Mia then talks about not being materialistic and feeling like having to give everything to your kids, “The only memories that are important are their experiences and feelings, not the toys they receive.” Milt talks about the irrational fears of the Helicopter parents and how he and Mia raised their children freed of such fears, before reviewing the advice they have laid out.


Milt reads an email from a man who sees himself as positive minded Mr. Sunshine but his wife is Mrs. Gloom and he is getting fed up and wants her to see how good they have it. Mia replies, “Maybe you chose the wrong woman to marry. Maybe you don’t need going out and a change in your happy routine, but women do; you need balance and you need to give her more than you think she needs, so give her what she says she needs, take her out occasionally and somehow break the routine and compromise; maybe she’ll change her attitude.”


Milt then introduces The Get Over Yourself! Handbook on Cheating and Betrayal and why listeners should read it, then Mia goes into more of what you’ll get from the booklet, before Milt closes the show.


Check out this episode!

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