Re-defining Manhood, and mocking the h#ll out of Psychology

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After Milt introduces the show, he talks about their new booklet, The Get Over Yourself! Handbook on Cheating and Betrayal, and what they can look forward to reading; Mia offers some insights into the book before Milt moves on to today’s themes, Re-defining Manhood, and mocking the hell out of Psychology. Milt explains the idea that many people actually do not want the freedom that they are pointing to, “A lot of people like their comfortable cages and don’t want to change,” and Mia replies, “Everything is in a package today, an instant solution that comes from someone else, and many prefer that to their own solutions; they are so used to others solving, they can’t think for themselves.” They talk about learning to take personal responsibility for your life, “But not everybody wants that,” Mia insists.



Milt brings in the first of a few critical emails, from an idealistic feminist woman who disagrees with their assertion that sex with robots might be a good thing and suggests that men need to be trained and severely controlled with strong interventions. Milt expresses disgust over the email, “I just hate the social engineers ignoring fundamental human natures.” Mia is sympathetic towards the emailer but does not agree that we should restrict human feelings but rather, find solutions which include who people actually are, “Since when in history did men not fight or feel sexually aggressive?” Milt defends their positions, then observes the hypocrisy of banning the word ‘bossy’ while saying nothing about how women are treated in Asia and the Middle East. Mia offers that these feminists are seeing some utopia in their minds, and Milt relates the Classical definition of Utopia: it does not and cannot exist.



Another email agrees with Steve Shewach‘s gender-neutrality stance, “Shouldn’t we ignore our sexual differences?” Mia answers, “No, if we’re all the same, what about diversity, the many colors around us? I understand his view but we ARE different, so why ignore it?” They discuss the changes technology has done to both sexes, including the unreality of modern video games. Another emailer is critical of Mia and Milt, “Mia, you over-simplify things, and Milt, you mock very serious mental health issues.” Milt and Mia reflect on this criticism, then talk about the quality of friendship and the lack thereof here in the US; they define real friendship, and Milt adds, “friends are what people should turn to rather than impersonal therapists.” Mia says, “Most people would rather cling to their problems than solve them.”



Mia then explores the problem of depression; Milt says, “It used to be because of some traumatic event, but nowadays, depression is because of a lack of doing anything meaningful in your life.” Mia suggests it’s better to find the roots of depression rather than taking pills, then goes on to re-examine the nature of true friendship. Milt adds his definition of loyalty and mentions both the Orestan Trilogy and the movie Tombstone for examples of friendship, “If you had a true friend, you’d never need to go to a psychologist.” Milt then brings their new booklet in and Mia discusses what listeners will get from it before Milt closes the show.


Check out this episode!

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