Rep McAllister hypocrisy, 7 Sages: Cleobulus, re-defining Manhood and mocking the h#ll out of Psychology, and The Get Over Yourself! Handbook on Cheating and Betrayal hits the market

Hey friends, enjoying this fine spring weather? Allergies you say? Yeah, me too…

I am enjoying that latest sexual shenanigans controversy involving Rep. Vance McAllister and his smooching with his married staffer and all the hypocritical posturing going on by the 2 men in the case. I say ‘hypocritical’ with regards to both men, for 1) the congressman, purportedly a devote Christian father of five who stands atop his Bible to look down upon we heathens, hell, he’s yet another religious fraud using religion to bludgeon us into a stupor, and 2) the husband, who in all his ranting and blame-gaming never once mentions his wife or her culpability; as if the poor woman is but a pawn to be played between 2 men.

Oh, now maybe she is, maybe she’s a mindless dupe being used by both men in this case, or perhaps she is the one using the situation, or had planned to until the security camera caught her indelecata flagrante. No matter, I’m not here to judge sexual practices, only characters and their choices, and in this case, the whole story stinks to high heaven and sounds like some kind of elaborate set-up; by whom, I don’t yet know, but there’s so much posturing, and so little information, I just really wonder.


Let us turn to our regular series, the examination of the 7 Sages of Antiquity!

This week, we look at Cleobulus of Lindos on the island of Rhodes. Cleobulus, a descendant of Hercules, studied philosophy in Egypt and was said to be extremely physically beautiful along with holding great wisdom. He was a great writer of prose and poetry, and became equally famous for his riddles, though again we have very little of his work; of his few sayings, I just love his assertion, “Be fond of hearing instead of talking.”

(You got that right, brother: become a listener and observer of life, rather than a blatherer…)

Like most of the sages, he advocated moderation in everything, the balanced life which was the very definition of Classical Living. His statements, “Be superior to pleasure” and “Do nothing by force” reveal a mind capable of seeing the far-reaching consequences of action and thought, for to resist pleasure strengthens one’s mind, and by using no force but the eloquence and righteousness of your argument, you ultimately triumph over all obstacles.

The only thing I have never agreed with, though, is his belief that we should avoid being affectionate to our wives in front of strangers, which he felt was a sign of folly. Now, while I understand where he is coming from and why he held that view (open affection showed weakness which could be exploited), I do everything in my power to show affection to my wife in front of others. Why? Well, maybe because I am a fool, and I don’t mind showing it!


This week’s MiltnMia Show podcast episode is, as usual, going after the jugular vein:

Re-defining Manhood, and mocking the h#ll out of Psychology

We’ve really lit a match under a woodpile with our recent shows on Manhood, Feminism and Psychology-bashing, and several listeners let us know we had touched and even desecrated their sacred ground; it seems some people cling to their problems -and their psychologists- to the point of Death!

Undaunted, Mia and I plunge full deep into the controversy, and I think we come out afterwards with nary a trace of funk about us. I’ll leave you to decide, of course, but here’s the show link at ITunes:!-milt-n/id796661531

If you don’t have an ITunes player, you can hear it directly on TuneIN:


And the Huge News is, our booklet, The Get Over Yourself! Handbook on Cheating and Betrayal, is now available in paperback! Hooray!

Now, the Kindle and all e-book formats are not quite ready but should be within 2 weeks, so for those who just have to have a real book in their hands, or if you must have Mia’s autograph, then by all means pick up the paperback now!

Here’s the link at Booklocker:

As part of our first promotional giveaway, I am sending out free copies to Marcus H in Baltimore, MD, and Tanya W in Chico, CA, who Mia pulled from the hat (by the way, every emailer who writes in about ANYTHING automatically has their address tossed in my 10 gallon Stetson, so write to us, you just might win something!)

OK, I got a Giants game in a few minutes and my Mom is headed over for Sunday dinner, so take care!

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