The importance of Betrayal and the necessity of Loyalty

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After Milt introduces today’s show, including the semi-regular author interview featuring Dr. Charles Rawlings and his book, It Really Is That Complicated, a copy of which to be given away at show’s conclusion, he announces the arrival of their booklet, The Get Over Yourself Handbook on Cheating and Betrayal, and they discuss what readers can look forward to and some of the ideas within it. “Betrayal is an important part of growth, but the suffering is the real problem,” Mia suggests. Milt talks about the need in some people for loyalty and monogamy, rather than free-wheeling sexuality. “People are looking for sensations,” Mia asserts, “But can you just go out with someone for sex only? You start getting attached and want more.” Milt offers that people need that sense of trust and loyalty unless it comes in a monogamous relationship, before asking Mia if trust can be repaired; Mia replies, “Depends on each case, whether it was secretive or out in the open: if they’re open about it, they can deal with it, but if it was secretive, and there’s guilt, then the person really has to work hard to restore their partner’s trust, but it is possible.”



Milt reads an email from a woman who suspects her husband is cheating and wants to hire a detective; Mia thinks it’s a good idea, “There’s nothing worse than when a person is cheating and then gets caught: what can they really say, especially if there’s a divorce? Most people betray because they think they can get away with it, so hard proof sometimes is critical.” They discuss the mindset of the cheater and Mia says, “The real problem is people don’t spend enough time with each other.”



Milt reads another email from a man who, at a bachelor party, discovered the stripper was his son’s wife and wants to know if he should reveal it or not; Mia says, “The son already knows, it’s impossible to hide it and he probably agrees with it anyway; if the woman wants to do that, I don’t see anything wrong. What he should do is confront the girl, not the son, and ask, ‘Does my son know this?If you don’t tell him, I will’. We need to learn to be more accepting of what people are.”



Milt then talks about what one can find in their booklet, to which Mia suggests the father in the email should get the book for his son. Mia then pulls an email address from the hat, and draws Kira B in Illinois, who wins a copy of It Really Is That Complicated, before Milt closes the show with talk about their booklet and the interview which follows at the end of the show with Dr. Rawlings.


Check out this episode!

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