The generosity and wisdom of Mia Matters, Socrates and the ‘Know Thyself’ riddle, and The Get Over Yourself! Handbook on Cheating and Betrayal hits the market

Though it be Easter, I am compelled to write something about my wife, Mia; bear with me for those who haven’t yet had the privilege of meeting one of the most extraordinary people on our planet, but it is time I made mention of the God who stands beside me in all things.

The vast majority of my readers -and now listeners- haven’t any idea of just what my loyal and wonderful wife has had to put up with in the years since 1999, when my health changed irreparably. Here is a woman who has known hardship and struggle since a baby in Latin America, and by the time I met her in her early 20’s, she was already a wise and seasoned soul. Her personal struggles with abuse would have crippled a lesser being, and certainly sent them to endless trips to the therapist and pharmacy, but no Mia, no, Mia never made the horrible crap that was thrust upon her an issue, never clung to it for support or made it her psychological reason ‘for why my life is so screwed up’. Never.

Our marriage was and continues to be a glistening beam of light and love in an ever-increasing world of doubt and cynicism, tow qualities which we have never been really affected by. But once I was injured, our life became transformed in so many difficult ways; we had been fearless outdoorsmen and in a flash, all that was taken, I reduced to little more than a 220 pound dependent infant, yet after unimaginable struggles now stretching more than 14 years, our love is stronger than ever and people in even greater droves seek the comfort of my wife’s oft-baffling wisdom, warmth and generosity.

Now, I did not intend to write this in hopes of currying sympathy for my condition; rather, I wanted to shed some light on the actions and attitudes of a person who damn near everyone -including me- continues to take advantage of without much thought. It all came to a head this week when yet another parasitic friend made the choice whether to remember the sacrifices my wife had to make in order to ‘help’ this friend, or to act selfishly and ignore the truth.

She, uh, held character and acted like the selfish asshole she is, which itself is no big event but for me, my wife’s sole protector, a line has been crossed and I must now declare, ‘Enough is enough!’

…Not that my mere statement means any cessation of abuses, no no, I am not naïve nor do I hope and/or believe people will suddenly wake to how poorly they’ve been treating my Angel, but it is me who has decided to take a stand in defense of Mia.

And how can I actually defend her against the abuses of the world? How can I shield my Beauty from the many selfish takers who come to her demanding she solve their problems, often at her expense? How can I teach my wife to balance her generous efforts with a few self-protective measures in the face of a nation of me-first petty narcissists?

With my only weapon, and that is, the Word, and thus I am embarking on perhaps my greatest project to date, to honor in print the most loving, honest, direct and generous person I have ever met; to celebrate in words the life of one of God’s clear favorites, a woman who lives God’s edicts to a degree that every religious person I have ever met looks like a hypocritical, fraudulent ass next to Mia.

I had begun this post with the idea I would add a couple sentences of loving acknowledgement of my wife before moving on to the next installment of my 7 Sages of Antiquity review, but you know what happened? Wisdom happened, that’s what, Wisdom intervened, probably one of the 7 leaned over my shoulder and whispered, ‘Hey dummy, look around you, there’s an 8th to be added to that list, and that’s your wife!’

Yeah, I looked around, realized antiquity never ended (since this is, after all, the Eternal Moment), and there before me stood Number 8, Mia Matters, the wisest woman alive today. And yes, I am careful when I say ‘wise’, because Wisdom unlike Knowledge, doesn’t not rely on fact and cannot be measured or even taught. No friends, wisdom is what is culled if you are first a genius and you have both survived great difficulties and soared above them with grace, nobility, and integrity; this my fire horse wife of many thousands of years has done with an easy, delightful grace that makes all of us envious in her wake.

Though they try, none can steal the happiness which IS my wife, just as none ever really understand how she can have endured what she has and still be the sweet, generous problem-solver she is.

There shall be more, oh, so much more, about this God, but we do have lesser issue to attend to…


Hannah writes in with a very interesting question:

I heard one of your Sexual Symposium shows talking about Socrates. Why do you think Socrates’ saying “Know Thyself” is so important and popular? I don’t really get that, so why is this guy so remembered?”

Wow, Hannah, I could seriously spend weeks on this question alone, ‘why do we remember Socrates’. Your email, however, is packed with problems, and the least of which is that Socrates did not say, ‘Know Thyself’. No, that’s all mis-quoted BS, Socrates only commented on that idea, which he and all antiquity knew was a riddle and not a statement, a Gordian Thought knot. I mean, the very impossibility of having knowledge of the self; as if the self is to be known, rather than felt and experienced.

Hannah, Socrates is responsible for…well, damn near all of the way we look at reality today and, in truth, how we think, all of us in Western Society. I would like to, however, side-step that argument and, like Hannibal on his approach to Rome, charge right through the swamps despite the dangers and say, “Remember this about the Old Man, our greatest living human:

Several days before his trial before the 30, somebody asked him if he was prepared, and Socrates replied, ‘Yes, I’ve been preparing all my life’, to which came the question, ‘But what kind of preparation?’ and the Master, the brightest star in the Human Universe, said, ‘I’ve attended to my work’. The man was puzzled, ‘What is your work?”’His answer? ‘I have done nothing unjust, either in public or private’.”

Remember this about that beautiful, friendly, generous and inquisitive living God: he refused to do injustice of any kind.

Go smoke a bowl and consider what that really means…


This week’s MiltnMia Show podcast episode is packed:

The Importance of Betrayal and the necessity of Loyalty

There’s been a lot of interest in our unique thoughts on Cheating and Betrayal, which Mia feels is an important part of growth, “but the suffering is the real problem,” she suggests. This show goes deep into these themes, and the show concludes with a very interesting interview with the author of the book, ‘It Really IS That Complicated’, Dr. Charles Rawlings.!-milt-n/id796661531

If you don’t have an ITunes player, you can hear it directly on TuneIN:


And the Huge News is, our booklet, The Get Over Yourself! Handbook on Cheating and Betrayal, is now available in paperback! Hooray! The Kindle and all e-book formats are not quite ready but should be within the week; here’s the link at Booklocker:


OK, it IS Easter Sunday and I will be observing this holiday with friends and family, which suggest you do as well! Go Giants!

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