Rep. Vance McAllister and the hypocrisy of ‘standing on the Bible’

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After Milt introduces the show, he talks about the recent kissing scandal with Rep. Vance McAllister and his best friend’s wife. Milt objects to the ‘disgusting degree of sexism and hypocrisy’. Mia chastises the congressman for betraying his best friend, and talks about the mistake of having an affair at the workplace, and Milt offers that there is ‘the camera of our consciousness’ that records everything, like it or not. “He’s only ashamed because he got caught,” Milt adds, and Mia says, “And the woman doesn’t even count, how come we never hear from her?” Mia expands on how good a lesson this incident is for all of us, then Milt looks at the idea that we are all at different levels of awareness and evolution, and that publicly, we appear to be prudes. Milt asks whether or not we as a society will soon evolve past hypocrisy and learn to take responsibility, but Mia responds, “We are all at different levels of evolution, and we are all here to learn; some learn easily, most do not and keep repeating their mistakes.”



Milt brings in 2 relevant emails, from a woman whose boyfriend likes to ogle women and wants to know if he will mature out of it. Mia replies, “People really don’t change, but her boyfriend is actually doing her a favor by showing you who he is now before you marry.” Milt agrees, “This is a guy who likes women, and I don’t think a man grows out of that.” Mia asks her, “Is that the man you want? You need to have a conversation, since often people don’t really talk to each other.” Milt then reads another email, from a woman whose husband allows her to date and now the lover wants to humiliate the husband by making him watch them have sex, but the woman is unsure if she should allow it; Mia responds, “You need to please and respect yourself; if it doesn’t feel right, don’t do it.” Mia then explores the idea of thinking about the consequences of your action; the problem is, what’s next, how far are you gonna go?” Milt replies, “I think she is sensing intuitively that it isn’t right.” Mia then says, “Don’t be afraid of disappointing people, be afraid of disappointing yourself!”



Milt reads one last email from a woman who wonders if she should date a hot guy from work, but Mia cautions against it, “If you can avoid dating someone from work, do so; there’s nothing worse than the gossip afterwards, and then you have to look at the person every day, especially if it was only a one night stand; there is no greater humiliation.” Milt then talks about The Get Over Yourself! Handbook on Cheating and Betrayal and Mia explores its content, and then praises our listeners for asking questions and thinking seriously about their lives and relationships, “Don’t doubt your intuition,” before Milt closes the show.


Check out this episode!

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