Regret and clinging to the Past

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After Milt introduces the show, and proudly boasts about the release of The Get Over Yourself! Handbook on Cheating and Betrayal, before flirting with his wife a little, he goes into this week’s theme, which is the reverse of their usual ‘go forward with your life and embrace the future’. Milt addresses the idea that a lot of people are not willing to let go of their past and there are some who do their best to go back into their past to try to recreate what once was. Milt mentions his criticism of Psychology and its tendency to analyze What Was rather than what is coming, then talks about how so many people are attempting to re-create something that has already passed. Mia responds, “Today is a new opportunity, but if something didn’t work in the past, it’s a lesson and an opportunity for us to learn and go forward. If it didn’t work in the past, why would it work now?” Milt suggests “You’re really selling yourself short by believing you aren’t capable of anything better,” and Mia replies, “You’re not trusting yourself, you’re afraid of things that are new.” Milt brings in 2 references from Antiquity, the story of Lot’s Wife and Orpheus and Eurydice, and Mia says, “We always have that vision that before was better than now, but the Past is gone and can’t come back.” They then talk about the problems of regret and the absurdity of thinking, ‘If I had only…’



Milt then brings in an email from a man who claims he’s boring and his GF has left him and he wants to get her back by using a new program he found on the Internet. Mia is sympathetic and understanding but suggests, “You need to change yourself for yourself, and not for someone else.” She then says, “She’s already seen who you are and doesn’t want you anymore, so you want to torture yourself so she can beat you over the head with your mistakes and make you feel even more like a wimp?” Milt talks about the emailer’s statement, “I know I’ll never find anyone like her again,” and Mia replies, “Of course, no 2 people are the same and you don’t want to find anyone like her again, but you’re wasting your life sitting back dreaming of the past; take action now, go change yourself and give a chance to another girl instead of her. Women don’t usually go back: once they’ve seen who you are, they want to move on and find something new. If it was that good, you would have never lost her.”



Milt reads the next email, from a woman with a secret sexual past who fears revealing it to her jealous fiancée, who wants to sit down and share each others secrets before marriage. Mia says, “With a marriage, you have to be honest even if it hurts. Tell him the truth and if he doesn’t accept it, is that the man you want?” She goes on to say, “You made your mistakes, you feel bad about it now and that’s good, you went through all that, you learned your lesson, you moved on; now, it’s up to him.” Milt reads another email, from a man who discovered his wife’s affair and is now withholding his affections because he can’t trust her and wants to know how he can overcome his broken trust. Mia suggests he read the booklet then offers advice, “Take some time to get away from each other; if the trust is broken, get some space and see what is really there.” Milt mentions how the Masters of Antiquity referred to it as ‘the Bubble of Trust’ before talking about their booklet and then closing the show.


Check out this episode!

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