Why we men need discipline, 7 Sages: Solon, the real truth behind the Donald Sterling Fiasco, and Love is the essence of Motherhood

Happy Mother’s Day, mothers and their offspring! I’ll be returning to this theme in a bit, but let’s dive into an email I received this week referencing last week’s blog; from Dave L:

“I read your blog every week but last blog got me thinking. You were saying how a person needs to do daily practice in order to get better with a skill, but what about if you don’t have or even want any skills? For me, I just want to feel good, so why do I need to discipline myself? Why be so stressed out? And I heard one of your radio shows and you said white guys are brilliant but confused and we’re too sensitive and we can’t handle bad vibes. You also said we are afraid of our passions. Jesus Milt, you nailed me and my friends!! None of us want to have stressful jobs and all of us are just fucking around with our lives. I never really thought about it but if you do think about it, we are fucking doomed!!!”

Ah, Dave, I hear ya, buddy, in many respects, and without strong men who are confident and assured, our society…well, is as it now is, adrift, being led by emotional rather than rational understanding. Now, we have long been in need of emotional understanding, of course, having been under the yoke of mechanization, dualisms and the Industrial Revolution with its sole focus on measurement, logic and the lack of contradiction, yet we have swung the pendulum far beyond the balance point, where today, reasonableness is considered fearful thinking and is generally criticized in favor of just doing whatever you feel.

I am a reasonable yet passionate man, I do my best tor recognize my personal strengths in both areas and feed them according to their needs, not one for the other. I have achieved this kind of balance because, on the one hand, I found an area of skill that suited me and I became a real student and admirer of those with expertise, who I then emulated. I also learned not to reign my emotions in or to ignore my intuition, so in many regards, I have the best of both worlds: a strong mind and an open, caring heart, if you will.

Dave, our society is only doomed if we men can’t find balance and unite our reason with our souls, which is the seat of emotion. This is our work spread before us, and we can’t lean on the women to lead us, either. I see things cyclically, in stages, ebbs and flows and I believe, soon, we’ll right the ship from the course we’re on, as emotionalism loses its grip. Dave, should you have a desire to build anything meaningful in your life, you will need a disciplined approach in order to do that, as you can’t just wait for the Lottery or your earnings from your rookie season in the NFL. No, Dave, you’ll have to ‘get your shit together’, as they say, and the essence of that task is disciplining your mind and emotions while increasingly forming an understanding of your limits and tastes.

Discipline, Dave, means setting limits and living by them; otherwise, your just another leaf being blown about by whatever breeze happens your way…


Ah, yes, speaking of discipline, we come now to our 7 Sages of Antiquity review; this week, the great lawgiver, Solon, falls under the microscope.

There is so much to say about this giant; the legends of his travels and adventures are amazing, both for their scope and for what they revealed about him. As usual, we have only spare fragments of his words and deeds, but we do know he came from Athens, of an aristocratic family and he was thrust into the leadership of the city during war and there, his natural genius shined. He was elected archon or ruler and devised a series of reformations of the existing laws that oddly worked against his own interests, but this was a disciplined man of great integrity: the law being the law, it applied to all, and he was no exception. Once he set theses new laws in place, he made it a rule that nobody could change them, and then he left Athens on a series of adventures which have become the stuff of folk tales.

To get a really clear idea of this man’s genius, you gotta turn to Plato’s Timaeus and the story of his travels in Egypt, when he was told the story of Atlantis by the Egyptian priests. The book is an amazing read anyway but is priceless for that one story alone, the only actual extant account of the Antediluvian world we have.

There are all sorts of statements attributed to him, but I am gonna make a bit of a departure and ignore all that, in favor of one of my favorite stories about the time when Solon visited the great king, Croesus of Lydia, who bragged that he was the richest and thus happiest man in the world as he led Solon on a review of his vast wealth. Once they had finished, Croesus turned to Solon, “ Am I not the happiest man you ever met?” Solon stunned the arrogant fool and related the story of not one but 3 different men who Solon felt were infinitely more happy than the king, due in large part to their great simplicity and the manner in which they died. Now this pissed off Croesus, who always considered himself the happiest man anywhere, and he grew cold towards Solon, who soon departed with these words, “Brother, never count yourself happy until you’re dead; Fortune may suddenly change things.”

Fate, of course, has a way of dealing with fools and kings, often the same person, and in this case, Croesus got his, when the Persian, Cyrus, invaded Lydia and put Croesus on a spit over a bed of coals, to watch him roasted alive. Within a few minutes, Cyrus could hear Croesus moaning and calling aloud the name of Solon 3 times. Cyrus became curious and came to the king, “Why are you calling upon Solon?” Croesus then related the story of what Solon had said, that we should never count ourselves happy until our lives are over and how he should have listened to him rather than continue to blind himself that he was invincible and beyond the touch of Fate. Cyrus, far wiser that Croesus, instantly understood the meaning and then set Croesus free, with these famous words, “Solon, today you saved 2 kings, one from death, the other from folly.”


This week’s MiltnMia Show podcast episode is all about the latest controversy that everybody keeps talking about:

The real truth behind the Donald Sterling Fiasco

We weigh on on the Real Truth behind the Donald Sterling “Racism” controversy and why Sterling is actually mad. Could it be he doesn’t like V having sex with other men and then having to see them plastered to all the world on Instagram? Hmm…

Here’s the link to ITunes:


If you don’t have an ITunes player, you can hear it directly on TuneIN:



And yes, our booklet, The Get Over Yourself! Handbook on Cheating and Betrayal, is now available in paperback, Kindle and all e-book formats, hooray! I know this booklet will change lives, for its essence has changed mine; here’s the link at Booklocker:



And now, I am headed over to spend the afternoon with my mother, who has been struggling after the loss of her husband of 58 years. I had planned to wax poetic on all things Motherly and to leave you with an eloquent treatise on Gaia and the state of motherhood in general, but you know what? The essence of motherhood is love, and love in its highest expression is a verb and that means an action and thus, I will be showing my mother my love on this day devoted to honoring our mothers. You do the same, oh, and Go Giants!





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