Milt and Mia at 10,000 ft. in the desert, their new website, and a few words on Milt’s Secret Crystal Cave and duping New Age Hippies

Greetings…greetings…greetings…that’s the echo you’d hear if you were sitting beside me this morning, 10,000 feet above the sea floor atop one of the most amazing desert vistas on this amazing planet. Mia and I have been out here for several days traipsing around and ingesting the magnificence which is the Great Basin Desert, and though we are set to leave later today, man, I just cannot

I woke at 4 am and have been out here by the fire since, watching the stars, satellites and the UFOs come and go. There’s a fantastic feeling of being held safe in the arms of The Creator out here that you just don’t feel anywhere else, no, no mountains or ocean beaches produce this feeling, where everything has been stripped of moisture and you feel cleansed and toned. There’s nothing like the desert at altitude!

I hope you all had the chance to listen to at least a portion of our latest podcast featuring my Interview with Demetrius Toteras. Yes, many are not accustomed to hearing the unblanched thoughts of an expressive cultural man who gives not a shit if his views offend. No, Toteras understands that most of us are easily provoked to outrage because, in truth, our society has become far too sensitive towards sensitivity, the vast majority of us unable to deal with thoughts that vary from their experiences or pre-conceived notions. Toteras will sear your ears with thoughts and concepts that you are not likely to encounter, especially nowadays, but man, is it good for you!


Mia and I, as we do every year, spent some time in the crystal cave on the other side of the mountain but, as usual, we did not take even a single crystal. No, that’s not our style, though it is tempting to think about how much money we might make if we dropped our ideals and decided, like so many New Age Crystal Miners, to just rape the place blind and make our quick buck. But we’ve been coming out here together for over 25 years, and I was first brought out to this area in the 60’s with my Dad, who taught me to enjoy, feel but don’t destroy anything, especially natural formations.

Besides, last year I kinda got into it with guy, famous for his crystal hunting exploits, who’d heard about that cave and wanted me to direct him towards it. I refused of course, which led to a brief dust-up, where I was accused of ‘sitting on a horde of natural jewels which the world needs’. Really? The world needs? More like YOU need so you can continue duping the New Agers into buying your severely over-priced and stolen gemstones. Yeah, stolen, just like the old gold miners this hypocrite righteously bellows at. What’s the difference, you’re both taking things which do not belong to you, and I don’t care how many purple-and-tie-dyed decrepit Hippies believe otherwise!

Leave the fucking crystals in the ground, New Age thieves! You’re no better than any miner and his 18 ton Caterpillar ripping apart Gaia for her assets. It’s the same damn thing, I could care about scale…

At any rate, we had a lovely time in the cave; sitting as far back as we could go, you can look out and see Pyramid Lake and the Sierras and the vast Black Rock Desert, and you’re cooled all the while by the subterranean breezes coming from the Cthonian depths. There’s even a little spring with ice-cold water to refresh, and you leave the place after several hours just feeling…different!

There’s an old timer in a little town on the way out we always stop and chat with; this year, the guy tells me the US Navy is sucking up everything in the northern desert through the nefarious ’eminent domain’ clause and turning the entire place into one huge fucking artillery range. Nobody is really talking about this incredible theft of our public land, but this is an outrage and the story should be told. The government already has plenty of land throughout the West it routinely bombs into submission, and there is no excuse for them coming in and driving people off the land, something that, sadly, is happening across the West. Frightening.


And now, some very big news I am happy to report:

The launch of our new website,! Hooray!

Yes, I hit the ‘publish’ button a few days ago from my breath-taking view of the world below and the site is up and running. It’s a simple and direct as we could make it, featuring our podcast and booklet and some info on who we are, with relevant links. After spending time on some sites that are so thoroughly packed with eye-blistering information that you’re overwhelmed, Mia and I took the opposite approach: a bare-minimum and very-easy-to-read site aimed at the busy, intelligent reader who doesn’t need to be pounded repeatedly with product mentions.

Now, you’ll no longer be able to access, as I’ve decided to combine the two efforts, but my book in all its formats is available on the new site, so I hope you take a moment and look it over:


This week’s MiltnMia Show podcast sees a return to our usual dual-host format:

Victim or Victor: Overcoming Life’s painful events including Rape

We take on the very serious and heart-wrenching theme of rape, examining the Pamela Anderson rape confession and a recent painful outburst they witnessed from a rape victim and Mia’s eloquent response to the poor woman, then dealing with a tragic email case where a woman’s husband believes rape is just “boys being boys.” If you know Mia, she doesn’t politely accept that view; listen for yourselves:!-milt-n/id796661531

If you don’t have an ITunes player, you can hear it directly on TuneIN:


Our booklet, The Get Over Yourself! Handbook on Cheating and Betrayal, now available in paperback, Kindle and all e-book formats, is out now and the reception continues to be wonderful!

Thank you to everyone who has either purchased a copy or expressed interest, and yes, there’s a lot of general Life information in there; you don’t have to have been betrayed to get some solid insight from this manual; here’s the link at Booklocker:


Aside from the mosquitoes, this trip has been divine! I’ve got a few incidents I’ll be sharing in next week’s blog, but for the most part, nothing can blow our high when we are out here. The food tastes better, the beer crisper, and making love? Oh, my word, it should be done often, cuz it’s so damn good!

Mia’s making breakfast and that means I gotta help, so I’ll close this and hope the truck breaks down and strands us for another few days; in the meantime, please visit our new website, and Go Giants!


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