Milt faces off with a therapist, the second Interview with Toteras, and thoughts on the World Cup

…Not that I didn’t expect it, but the number of therapists, counselors and so-called ‘mental health experts’ who are loudly objecting to our anti-psychology approach to what I feel are, for the most part, basic existential issues and essentially calling for our heads has been a bit of a surprise. I get it, these ticks are deeply in-bedded and you gotta use a lot of force before they yield; witness an email from a very righteous ‘expert’:

I am appalled by your broad, sweeping generalizations about the value of therapy. It’s clear you have no real idea or experience with people that suffer from mental diseases which you mockingly suggest can, with a simple snap of the fingers, be overcome by “getting over yourself.” I am here to tell you that you are dangerously mis-guided and this cavalier attitude of yours is an affront to professionals with real understanding of issues you have no business commenting on, and further…”

No, enough of your ‘further’ and the rest of your BS, Counselor, your point is taken, that only certified experts like yourself have ‘any business’ dealing with people and their emotional ‘diseases’. Screw you! Be as appalled as you like, go ahead but back down? Never! What you frauds sell as ‘diseases that only professionals can treat’, I see as largely existential and/or character issues, rightly ‘treated’ by the clear gaze of Philosophy, which empowers and places you in the position of expert of yourself, rather than…

Oh, how many times must I say this, Counselor? Your revenue stream is being threatened by the usurper known as Philosophy and its sword, Personal Responsibility, with its sheath termed Choice, and you’ve barred your teeth to protect what you feel is ‘yours’. I’m not buying it and millions of people who are sick of your manipulations, Counselor, aren’t buying it either, people who have had enough of your ‘process to create victims while endlessly seeking their perpetrators‘, no no, we philosophers (read: seekers of wise living, not the current crop of no-fun critical thinkers, which have NOTHING to do with philosophy, by the way) don’t waste our time looking to blame anyone else but ourselves for our struggles, whatever they may be, and when we do struggle, we bear it nobly, with dignity, rather than crawling on our bellies and begging for a few moments of your precious and expensive attention…

No, friends, these professional cretins disgust me, and save for the few psychiatrists who do have to deal with people suffering from actual mental illness (which by all estimation at best reaches no more than 20% of all current mental health patients), the rest of you parasitic, well-intended therapists are responsible for creating a nation of passive victims who feel they have no other choice but to turn to you for assistance with things that we once did routinely with friends and family. Yeah, we used to talk with each other when things got rough, now we don’t, now we cave in instantly and cry for help ’cause we’re brainwashed to believe Therapy is our one and only outlet. You and your kind, Counselor, have created this mass market of wandering, wounded people looking for their diagnosis with a wad of cash in their trembling fingers, so enjoy it while it lasts, cause it ain’t gonna!


A few words about the launch of our new website,!

I gotta thank everyone who have written in over our new website. I really appreciate it and now it’s fully operable on all mobile devices, which is a very cool feature; take a moment and look it over:


This week’s MiltnMia Show podcast:

Milt goes solo: Interview with Toteras #2

Mia’s off for a week or so, so Milt offers a second interview with his mentor, Demetrius Toteras, who discusses knowing how to deal with denials and betrayals, and asks men, “do you think your wife will stay true?” Toteras boils the problem of a woman having sex with other men down to this question for husbands: you have 2 choices: to know or not to know, “because you can’t stop anyone from doing what they want to do.”!-milt-n/id796661531

If you don’t have an ITunes player, you can hear it directly on TuneIN:


Our booklet, The Get Over Yourself! Handbook on Cheating and Betrayal, now available in paperback, Kindle and all e-book formats, is on the site and the reception continues to be wonderful; here’s the link at Booklocker:

For those that prefer Amazon, here’s the link:


The World Cup is upon us and Brasil looks good, though Netherlands should be tough and we’ll see about hated Argentina, who plays later today. I’m not at all bothered by the world getting to know Brasil, as it has been my second home for over 25 years and a place I routinely find solace. If ya stay out of Rio and Sao Paolo, you will have one of the most amazing cultural experiences of your life, so go if you’re thinking about it, and you won’t be disappointed.

Vamos pra jogar, amigos, vamos pra jogar!

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