Report from the Men’s Conference: Dealing with Loneliness/Aloneness, Milt’s Interview with Toteras #3 goes way deep, and World Cup tid-bits

It’s summer, I’m feeling light and breezy so I’ll keep this post, indeed, light and breezy!

This week, I attended a private men’s conference up in the beautiful town of Nevada City, deep in the Gold Country. Lovely, yet the men I met with were, if I can paint them with a broad brush, all in one way or another unable to deal with what they were calling Loneliness, the phenomena many of us feel when we turn off our TVs or computers, say, and we find our distractions no longer distracting us, or when we suddenly look around in a crowd and feel isolated and insignificant. I’ll shorten the event, which saw several speakers focused on variants of dealing with this feeling psychologically, but I came in, as usual, with a different approach to what they’re accustomed to hearing.

In short, I spoke of the condition all of us find ourselves in today, that of separation, separation from each other, from our systems, from God and from the very words we use, we have so fragmented and broken down every element into its particulars that now we are at a loss as to how to put things back together. That aspect, synthesizing the pieces into something understandable, is what has been going on in the so-called New Age Movement now for 25 or so years, people taking all these disparate parts and slammin’ em together and seein’ if they work. Anyway, this fragmentation or separation from everything we were once connected to leaves us with a feeling of meaninglessness, which often leads to despair, and at the least, anxiety, and as I’ve said before, most of us rush to the therapist for salvation rather than turning to our own resources.

Now, last week I took a wide rip at therapists but believe me, they have their place, and if nothing else, they offer an objective ear for people to express to, and in truth, many people do find comfort in therapy. How can I deny that? I can’t, but my work is aimed at people similar to myself who don’t need, enjoy or get anything from the therapeutic process. At any rate, once I laid out the essence of Existentialism (which at its core is the concept of separation I just spoke about, and how it is now common to all of us in this civilization to experience intense, unrelenting loneliness from time to time, especially the more intelligent and/or observant you are), I took questions and was asked about my own state and how I deal with it, coupled with my physical condition.

I simply replied, “Actually, I never feel lonely, I find comfort in my own thoughts and the spirits around me, the voices I confer with throughout my day, real or imagined, and I find peace everywhere rather easily.”

I was asked how I have been able to accomplish this, with my condition and with everybody else suffering to various degrees something everybody feels, and I said, “I’m not so remarkable but one of my secrets is to never read and rely on just one book, the Bible, Koran, the Torah and the rest. Now I’m not against them but I don’t look to one text or one view exclusively, for that will close your mind and isolate you even further. If anything, read everything till your eyes bleed!”

Open yourselves to all influences, fear nothing yet allow your fears to lead you when necessary, for fears are but a natural part of our Being, and put no faith in one book, system of person, become a student of All, and All will always be there to comfort you and you, like me, will never feel alone…

Or if you do, you’ll enjoy it!


A few more words about the launch of our new website,!

Got a note from a viewer:

Very cool color scheme, matches your book, not complicated and I like I can use it on my Iphone.”


This week’s MiltnMia Show podcast:

Milt goes solo: Interview with Toteras #3

Milt, with Mia side-lined again due to illness, offers a third interview with his mentor, Demetrius Toteras, who discusses the Jewish concept of linear history; Arthur Haley’s question, “Who am I?”; critical thinking and women; on the Idea and its elements; women’s idea of who and what a man should be; gossip cleans a society; openness vs. privacy in Greece; why Italian men are great lovers.!-milt-n/id796661531

If you don’t have an ITunes player, you can hear it directly on TuneIN:


Our booklet, The Get Over Yourself! Handbook on Cheating and Betrayal, now available in paperback, Kindle and all e-book formats, is on the site and the reception continues to be wonderful; here’s the link at Booklocker:

For those that prefer Amazon, here’s the link:


The World Cup continues and today, it’s USA vs. Portugal! Everybody thinks Ronaldo et al will easily crush the Yanks, and they should on paper, but we’ll see, I think we win or draw against them. France looks good, Netherlands, and the South American teams are strong; still, it’s anybody’s game right now and it’s great to see Americans here taking more notice. This si truly THE international game, and though I’m a huge Olympics fan, ESPN is doing a great job expanding our interest while high-lighting Brasil appropriately. Great job!


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