The real meaning of Independence Day, the School of Absurdity has arrived, and Milt’s thoughts on the Neymar injury

Friends, I trust you are all enjoying a wonderful 4th of July weekend! While many war mongers bewail our current military ‘weakness’ and demand air strikes on the innocents, and far-left whack-jobs flood our borders with ‘immigrants’ and call for unlimited amnesty, those of us of a more contemplative nature generally take a few minutes this time of year to reflect on the current state of ‘liberty’ in these, the United States of America.

I, for one, a life-long patriot, lover of individual freedom AND a progressive far more ‘liberal’ than any purported Liberal I have ever met, do what I can to understand and appreciate the insane complexities our ‘leaders’ are faced with and shake my head in bemused admiration: that’s a job I do not want, managing the horde called Humanity. That said, I long ago dropped the conservative/liberal, Demo/Republo dialectic. Why? It’s a distraction from what the real issue in Life is, or should be: taking responsibility for our lives, rather than passing it off and/or assuming somebody else (read: Government) will do it for us.

Liberty and independence are not well understood concepts today. “If I can buy what I want when I want it, I am free” or so goes the consumer mantra, yet are we really so free, when we all buy the same products form the same stores, drive the same cars and wear the same clothes as anybody else? The race to cover our bodies in tattoos, which purportedly signify ‘individualism’, is an example of how mis-understood the idea of Freedom and Choice actually is. To me, freedom isn’t expressed by outward shows but in how you think and generally behave in the company of others, cyber or physically. Thus my continued emphasis to impart models of ethics and ethical behavior whenever I can.

This is my Declaration of Independence, that there IS a standard of behavior we SHOULD acknowledge and aim our lives towards, whether anyone is watching or not. You want real freedom? Do what is right in every situation and learn the freedom that comes from acting with dignity and honor. THAT is the only true freedom a human can enjoy; the rest is all window dressing…


Yes, the World Cup games have been amazing, but the Big News is, the School of Absurdity website has gone live!

Oh, this is huge news; why? Well,, long discussed and finally given the necessary resources, offers archival material from the 20th Century’s Greatest Absurdist, Demetrius Toteras, and his principal students, Uncle Tad Baker and the members of the Northern California Collective Consciousness, with relevance to the purpose of the project: to properly prepare a person for the Creative Life.

OK, Milt,” you say, “But why do I need any of that to produce art, can’t I just learn a craft and do whatever I want?”

Well, you’re free to do as you please here in this Life, BUT, if you have a mind to producing work of any merit, work which somebody else might actually want to read/listen to/participate in and which may have some lasting value to our society, then you need some education and exposure to the Real Juice, and that Real Juice can be found by studying the documents of the School of Absurdity.

Oh sure, you can just take a bunch of acid, ‘shrooms or what-have-you and your work will be just as dense, desirable and deliriously creative as anything any Dead ‘Ol White Guys did…NOT!

Thus I am quite excited to be participating in this landmark project, which gives people access to something so rare and unique the very idea sends me a-tingling: The High Distillations of Demetrius Toteras’ School of Absurdity!

Here’s the link:


This week’s MiltnMia Show podcast:

Abstinence or Indulgence: Having sex before competition

We discuss how all sorts of countries involved in this year’s World Cup are putting rules on how much sex their athletes may or may not have. “It’s the age-old question: should athletes have sex before they compete or not? Won’t it dissipate their aggressiveness and thus their performance, or is this a myth?” Mia responds, “Sex releases our stress, so if I was a coach, I would say ‘no sex’.”!-milt-n/id796661531

If you don’t have an ITunes player, you can hear it directly on TuneIN:


The World Cup continues and this week, we get Germany-Brasil and Netherlands-Argentina in the semi-finals. While no one can ever really know if Zuniga of Columbia actually meant to disable Neymar, the brilliant Brasilian striker almost paralyzed on Friday when Zuniga drive his knee directly into Neymar’s spinal column, I have a couple thoughts on the situation:

Zuniga, as any competitor in the heat of the moment and with his team on the verge of soling, got caught up in the moment and took out Neymar aggressively, something not unusual of itself. Did he mean to injure Neymar? Well, yes and no. Yes, he meant to kick the sh#t out of him; every athlete does in the heat of the moment, but he surely didn’t intend to paralyze him. Yet, he lead with his knee raised high and drove through Neymar; in soccer, you NEVER lead with your knee, ever. I have had a couple of my students removed from games for such antics, and I’ve seen it flagged any number of times, though in this case, the ref didn’t even call a foul on Zuniga let alone red-card, which is what he should have earned.

So, though Zuniga claims he never meant to hurt him and has apologized, he clearly did not need to do what he did, and now Brasil is without its star AND Thiago Silva, out for a second yellow card in two games. Brasil is on its heels, Germany is coming on strong, Netherlands may be rounding into form and then there’s Argentina, hated Argentina looking to seize their 3rd World Cup title.

Who will win? Not Netherlands, and I think Germany can be beat, so the finals should be Argentina-Brasil, and if so, then it will certainly be…


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