Thoughts on the School of Absurdity, what each of us actually owns, and Auf gehts Deutschland!

Thank you to everyone who has visited the new website,! It’s been a labor of love, and my colleagues at the Pataphysical Institute of Northern California and the folks at Simmons Theater have done a great job getting all the archived footage and audio material shaped up. They chose a very simple website design, which I think was a great choice, and most of the material is there for free, though if you really want to learn what was at the core of the School’s work and even see some of their most outrageous stuff, you have to buy a life-time membership.

For my money, there is no other theatrical company anywhere in the world who can match the work of Demetrius Toteras, Uncle Tad Baker and the Northern California Collective Consciousness. It isn’t for the squeamish or the rigidly politically-correct, but it IS for those who seek alternatives to today’s mass thought/PC programming where there is no real dirt, pain or messy emotions that might get in the way of agendas…


Got a short email this week, from Roger in Cleveland:

Is there anything anybody can ever really say is “mine”, Milt? I mean, what do we actually own here, you know? “You can’t take it with you” kinda says it all, doesn’t it? I guess I’m just wandering (sic) if there really is anything that is uniquely mine, since everything physical in this world isn’t really permanent, do you get what I’m asking?”

Roger, oh I ‘get’ you, brother, and this is one very old question and there is one very old answer that I think satisfies this question, or should if you really think about it. Epictetus of Corfu essentially said, ‘the only thing you own in life is the right use of the phenomena of existence’. This is yours, what you do with all the material of existence, not the things themselves or the people, which you do not own and cannot claim as yours, but what Epictetus called your ‘ruling faculty’, your opinion about whatever takes place within and without, that you do own.

What is ‘mine’, Roger, is to make whatever and whenever I AM into something agreeable to God, and that means, being a witness to others, for God asks of us to both enjoy and be happy with the life we have and to listen to and then act upon His Voice Within. He wants us to be apostles and witnesses, much like the Christians interpret but different in my view, for if no one sees or hears you doing according to His Voice Within, it doesn’t matter at all, what matters is that I am doing what I should be with the life God has granted me, with my attention on what is mine alone and that is my reaction and opinion of what is happening, has happened and perhaps may happen. THAT is all I or any one of us own, all I can say is mine: my opinion.

Everything else is fleeting, passing and subject to external controls.


This week’s MiltnMia Show podcast:

Are modern women too demanding?

We discuss the question, ‘are modern women too demanding?’ Mia replies, “I think women are more equal now and we work and often support the men, but the one who controls the money controls the relationship. I don’t think it’s that she’s demanding, it’s that she works hard and wants equality now, which is only fair, as she wants what men have always had and I think that isn’t being demanding, especially when she comes home to find the man doing nothing and she has to then cook and work even more. Is that fair?”

An interview with author, Fiona Fine, on her book, B.I.T.C.H.: Babe In Total Control of Herself, follows at the end of the show:!-milt-n/id796661531

If you don’t have an ITunes player, you can hear it directly on TuneIN:


The World Cup concludes today with Germany v. Argentina. Yes, what a brutal loss for Brasil on Tuesday, and, while I am no soccer expert, I am a long-time football/track coach and attentive observer of Brasilian futbol and I gotta say, me and a lot of friends saw this coming. Not 7-1, of course, but we’ve been bemoaning the state of Brasilian futbol for years, essentially saying, “Talented players who, when together, don’t play as a team.” This was born out on both Tuesday and yesterday, when emotions seemed to get the best of Brasil’s intentions, discipline and technique were immediately forgotten, everybody wanted to be THE guy and went way beyond their assignments, and the result was 2 straight crushing defeats, leaving Brasilian futbol in shambles.

Will they recover to field a competitive unit for the next World Cup? Is Brasilian futbol and the idea that Brasil can lace up and take on anybody a thing of the past? Already there’s talk of limited international play for its players and re-doing how and what they emphasize in the lower youth leagues, but will this be enough? Is the Brasilian style of free-wheeling creativity gone forever? Is this the end of ‘joga bonito‘ as we know it?

Lots of questions, few answers, but in a few minutes, Die Mannschaft hits the field against El Albecestes, and those questions hovering over every Brasilian footballer’s head will just have to wait for another day.

Auf gehts Deutschland!


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