Nature Worshiper meets Aggressive Hummingbird, my cat and the rattlesnake, and CFNM parties: The Sissification of Men, or Normal Sexual Experimentation?

Every summer, after I set out feeders around the house, we’re invaded by hummingbirds. It’s such a lovely sight to see these minuscule but powerful birds whizzing and buzzing about the house, dive-bombing the feeders in long arcs and occasionally squawking with delight. Of the many who come to visit, I am continually amazed by the variances in color and size and how bold they become around humans; I’ve even had them come right up to my face to check me out!

I live in an area of California teeming with wildlife. Every spring and summer, we have turkeys, raccoons, skunks, foxes, coyotes, bobcats, rattlesnakes, bears, wild pigs and even the occasional mountain lion come through the property, but it’s the hummingbirds that make the biggest splash and stay around the longest.

I mention this because there’s a popular idea amongst the animal rights people and all sorts of urbanized environmentalists that somehow, everything that happens in ‘Nature’ is peaceful, sweet and unlike how barbaric we humans are. No, out in ‘Nature’, all the animals get along and they share equally amongst themselves and there is no strife or fighting. “If we could just act like the animals, we would be so much happier!” goes the idea that things in ‘Nature’ are somehow better and that we humans could really benefit by emulating their behavior.

I, uh, tend to disagree with this myopic and naïve view of ‘Nature’, which I put in quotes because it is my belief that there IS no such thing as a Nature separated from Humanity; all of Life is Nature, including everything that Humanity produces, for I challenge anyone to show me the line that separates ‘Nature’ from what we do. Oh, I understand that city-dwellers love to head out into the hills and woods and ‘commune with Nature’, and that many people have built up a cult of worship around ‘Nature’, but to my mind, a life-long outdoorsman, it’s all bullshit.

At any rate, a friend of ours (animal rights advocate and self-proclaimed ‘defender of Nature’) visited us the other day at sunset and marveled at our hummingbirds. Not content with observing the phenomenon, she had to offer her opinion:

Nature is simply perfect and every animal is so far more evolved than us, oh look how the birds are teaching us to share!” she squealed, pointing to the birds all lined up hovering and waiting their turn at the trough. Just then, a little orange-and-black bully of a hummingbird, who believes that all of the feeders are HIS, came swooping in, attacking the feeding birds and dispersing them with a vengeance. For the next hour, this little greedy bastard kept every single hungry fellow hummingbird from reaching the feeder and particularly tormented one small bird, chasing it relentlessly about the yard, much to the distress of our friend, who had never seen anything like it. “I don’t understand what’s happening, why isn’t he sharing?”

Now, there are no coincidences, and what happened next couldn’t have been choreographed:

In the very upper corner of our property, we heard a sudden disturbance. Heading over there, Mia yelled back at me, “Rocky’s got a huge rattlesnake!” Rocky is our dog, and he had the snake cornered against the fence and was barking ferociously. Out of nowhere, our cat -no small cat, this- pounced on the snake from behind its head and sunk its teeth into the snake and began shaking it; this would prove to be a 7 rattle snake, thick and maybe 3+ feet long, and our cat proceeded to kill it very quickly before playing tug-o-war with Rocky over the body.

Our friend sat speechless and despondent, “Why didn’t you stop that?” she cried to Mia. “I don’t believe what I’m seeing!”

Stop what?” I replied, “The snake entering our yard or the animals killing it?”

The killing, the poor snake didn’t have to die, you could have/

Mia to the rescue, “There are children living in the neighborhood and you can’t live beside rattlesnakes with kids around. We lost a cat last year to a snake, and we’ve lost a couple puppies and a kitten to coyotes and snakes, so what would you have me do, reach in and grab the snake to save it? Out here, every animal has to fight for its survival.”

Our friend was stunned, unable to accept what she was seeing. “But it’s just…ghastly! I know animals do eat each other but I have never seen anything like that!”

Mia did what she could to explain that, in any rural environment, things are not quite out of the animal rights lover’s Bible, where it looks like a Jehovah Witness WatchTower front page, lions snuggling with lambs and all that BS. No, out in the real environment, animals kill, steal, act greedily and cruelly and in every way resemble human behavior. Human behavior? Sure, we, too, steal, kill, act greedily and cruelly; we do it, the animals do it, and the only difference is, we have a purported ‘consciousness’ while animals -or so we believe- do not, although I’ve seen enough of the outdoors to know that it is wrong to assume that animals act without consciousness. While they may not be able to speak words we recognize, they are as conscious as we are, and those scandalous traits we revile humanity for are as common in the animal kingdom as they are for us.

My point? The deification of Nature is fraudulent and falls apart under scrutiny and/or real-world observations. Enjoy the outdoors but let us not worship it…


This week’s MiltnMia Show podcast:

CFNM parties: The Sissification of Men, or Normal Sexual Experimentation?

Milt speaks about the sexual role reversals between men and women and in particular, the recent and popular sexual activity entitled CFNM (Clothed Female Naked Male). “The simpler get-together is where women touch and even felate a naked man, and the more involved sessions are where women use a strap-on dildo on a man or men. And these parties are not confined to the fetish freaks but are becoming mainstream.” Milt then asks, “Is this a passing experiment by a few soft quasi-gay guys, or is this a part of the overall feminization or bisexualization of men?” Mia replies, “With all this open sexuality, people will experiment, and as women become empowered, they want to do what men once did, use and abuse men for pleasure. We’re in this phase of revenge on men. Besides, people are into sensation today.”!-milt-n/id796661531

If you don’t have an ITunes player, you can hear it directly on TuneIN:


Headed off to my Mom’s for a barbecue, you do the same, and enjoy!

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  1. Susan Wooldridge says:

    Love this, cap’n. go kitty!!! Coco

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