High desert observations on the origin of the universe with The Fried Cosmologist, and Penis-splitting and Tight-lacing: Thug Culture absurdities of Extreme Body Modification

High desert observations: Had an interesting conversation with The Fried Cosmologist, a guy in his 50’s who suddenly appeared the other morning with his 5 dogs and 2 friends seemingly ‘out of nowhere’, as they say, as we sat drinking coffee around the campfire and who claims he’s spent his entire life studying the origins … Continue reading

Milt’s version of the Greek Ethos and why he lives it, people are NOT created equal, and how to deflate the intensity of your reactions and why you should

Folks, Mia and I are having the time of our lives out here in the northern Nevada Desert. Yes, we’re headed to Black Rock Desert and Burning Man but I’m already disgusted, looks like the Corporate Bigs are invading this year, but I’ll not stain this page with any black thoughts, no, I’m feeling great … Continue reading

Burning Man considerations, wife-sharing in ancient Sparta, and A#s is the new vagina? The Physical and Meta-Physical Consequences of Anal Sex

Mia and I are leaving later today for a couple weeks out in the Nevada Desert, including a short stay at the annual art installation cum alternative expo, Burning Man, out near Gerlach. I’ve been irregularly visiting since the first events in ’89/90, when they were loosely organized and sparsely attended. Burning Man has reached … Continue reading

Stealing secrets from Pythagoras, learning to enjoy the struggle of Love, and Relationship Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (ROCD): serious illness, or bullsh#t psycho-babble?

The Pythagoreans are famous for believing the universe to be composed of measurable digits, at whose essence is Tone, which is held together and moves rhythmically. In effect, Rhythm runs the universe, though today’s spiritualists and New Age synthesizers have yet to expand their understanding and are still focused on what they call ‘vibrations’ which … Continue reading

Milt’s thoughts on whether or not we actually experience Loss, some insights into the nature of Existence, and Sex and Summertime: Making hot summer nights even hotter!

A near-deluge of emails and queries from my recent appearance up in Nevada City at a men’s conference. Crazy, and I’m not sure why suddenly I’m getting these messages but here they are, hmm; maybe some article came out, but I’ve gotten a handful lately, some from guys I remember, but one in particular begs … Continue reading