High desert observations on the origin of the universe with The Fried Cosmologist, and Penis-splitting and Tight-lacing: Thug Culture absurdities of Extreme Body Modification

High desert observations:

Had an interesting conversation with The Fried Cosmologist, a guy in his 50’s who suddenly appeared the other morning with his 5 dogs and 2 friends seemingly ‘out of nowhere’, as they say, as we sat drinking coffee around the campfire and who claims he’s spent his entire life studying the origins of the universe by way of the world’s myths and legends.

I asked him right off about the ‘Fried’ part of his name.

Years of killer bud and a helluva a lotta acid, man!” I liked this guy right away; loony but benign. “’Cosmologist’ because I have absorbed the fables of Creation into my Being!”

You mean, ‘cosmogonist’, since you study the stories of our origin,” I corrected. “Not to be a smart-ass but I’m familiar with your field, Cosmology, the study of the origin of the Universe and/or All That Is; Cosmogony, the study of the many stories, sagas, legends and myths concerning the origin of the Universe and/or All That Is. Fascinating areas, man; not my particular field of study but for a lot of people, damned interesting.”

This led to an enthusiastic conversation that lasted the better part of 2 hours; his buddies just sat there on a large rock, listening quietly and shaking their heads occasionally. The guy was a living collection of synthesized pieces and parts of stories, all of them full of color and drama but, really, no disrespect intended but he had no real order or cohesion to his thoughts or stories, and when at last I could see that, despite ostensibly ‘studying’ the stories and myths of our origin, he hadn’t really settled on any one version but had constructed a mish-mash, a-linear cosmological world-view of many myths from all sorts of disconnected eras and peoples, I backed off from my inquiries, as I am not one to humiliate or goad anyone, especially in the company of their admirers, nor I am one to aggressively dismantle anybody’s world view.

If that needs to be done, I prefer to let Life itself do it.

Finally they got up to leave, then, after shaking hands, he asked me, “What about you, what do you believe?”

Oh, I don’t spend a lot of time wondering about our origins,” I replied, “I just assume we’ve always been here.”

What? That’s childish!” Everybody laughed, including myself; hey, I am a bit of child.

Yeah, may be,” I said, “but to spend time and energy arguing over and then trying to prove the unprovable is even more childish, isn’t it?”

He didn’t say anything so I continued, “How about we, as a general people, turn our vast resources to really learning how to get along now and quit worrying how we got here, ’cause we ARE here, right? That seems more important, at least to me, than trying to count the grains of sand on a beach, which is what the quest to establish actual knowledge of our origin strikes me as, at best…”

We shook hands again and they disappeared over the rock ledge.


This week’s MiltnMia Show podcast:

Penis-splitting and Tight-lacing: Thug Culture absurdities of Extreme Body Modification

Mia speaks about making your life meaningful and discusses what their show is all about, before Milt introduces the day’s theme, Thug Culture absurdities of Extreme Body Modification. Mia comments that the Thug attitude is a learning experience for a lot of people, that women are making their choices to be with thugs and they’ll bear the cost of it, too. Milt asks why women are attracted to thugs and Mia says, “Because it’s something different. Whatever you want to do, do it proudly.” Milt talks about the history of piercings and tattoos as memorials to significant action or behavior, and mentions several current trends before asking Mia, “What is driving people to do all this body modification and extreme tattooing?” Mia replies, “It’s just people trying to be different.” Milt reads emails which reference penis-slitting and tight-lacing before they discuss the idea of doing whatever you want with pride but be prepared to bear the consequences without whining or complaining.


If you don’t have an ITunes player, you can hear it directly on TuneIN:



Once I hit ‘publish’, Mia and I will be heading off the mountain and making our way back home. We’ve had a lovely stay, witnessed some amazing vistas, met some interesting characters and ultimately just enjoyed ourselves immensely. We shall talk soon, take care!





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  1. Susan Wooldridge says:

    Love this, love you two. Soon! Xox Susan

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