Cowardly bad boys, the MiltnMia Show on YouTube, and Hitting a Woman and the Ray Rice spousal abuse scandal, with Interview with Toteras #5

Friends, this has been a very rough week for the National Football League, and with good reason, as they are being raked over the coals for the spousal and child abuse cases that have hit the headlines recently. Later in this post you’ll note that our latest podcast is essentially an extended rant by yours truly on my views concerning this cowardly activity, so I’ll save the bulk of my observations and invite you to listen in, but with the breaking news concerning Adrian Peterson’s purported abuse of his 4 year old son, I wanted to add something to the Chimes of Indignation:

I do not care what excuse or explanation a man gives, he CANNOT indulge his anger or frustration by using violence on women, children and animals. Where once this was common practice, and in many areas of the globe today, corporal beatings are routine, the laws of civilization require that such despicable acts be strongly punished and the perpetrator taught a very public lessen. This public lesson is more for the women and children who are watching than it is is for, say, Peterson, who may or may not be capable of changing.

Look, I am a student of Humanity and our passions and instincts, I understand our aggressive nature and how men have been historically expected to use force to achieve whatever goals they may have or to quell trouble when it arises, but today, we are rapidly moving away from a time when violent behavior was common place into a time when violence must be reserved only for defensive purposes. The entire globe is sick of warfare and violence and people everywhere are screaming for some respite, so to have our sports heroes happily continue along the same stream of abusive activity they’ve been doing with very little censure -until this week- is an abomination.

As a teacher, I have seen kids come in Monday mornings with odd marks on them that can only mean they’ve been freshly abused. I have done what I can legally to protect them, but it is the idea that it’s ok to strike another person out of anger or frustration, or even just because, that is the greater battle and that must be placed under our social microscope, and I mean NOW! We are such a mixed bag of contradictions here in the US, so many social warning signs telling us one thing then the other that confusion reigns. You have hip-hop artists beating their girlfriends then making anti-abuse videos a few months later, magically ‘reformed’, and we have, in the recent Ray Rice case, women -of all people- suddenly wearing Rice’s jersey and publicly defending the guy, for what purpose I don’t really know other than perhaps they have never experienced abuse themselves or think it’s ‘cool’ in some way to side with yet another bad boy.

Personally I’m sick of the bad boys and their cowardly, selfish behavior. My lone rant won’t do much to change anything, of course, but I still feel compelled to stand up against this sort of indulgent injustice. It is NOT ‘ok’ to slap the bitch around or teach that little brat some real manners with the use of a switch, that barbaric cruelty must be relegated to the past. Yes, sometimes a child needs strong discipline, and yet that does NOT mean injuring them or subjecting them to punishment that’s disproportionate to the crime. Peterson claims he was beaten as a child and that’s the way he learned and what’s wrong with that, right? Wrong, it is NOT acceptable to continue a practice that humiliates and injures a child just because your father did it.

We are breaking with our past in so many areas, this sordid habit of inflicting our frustrations upon those weaker than us is another vestige of former times that each and every one of us has got to evolve past.

And no, no more wars in the Middle East! Fuck the defense contractors and the blood-thirsty liberals and conservatives calling for a campaign against ISIS. You want war, all you harpies chanting from the sidelines and calling for Obama to bomb ’em into the stone age? You go do it yourselves…


I will now call your attention to something cool, and that is, The MiltnMia Show is now on YouTube!

Yes, we’ve put all our shows on our channel and every one from here on will wind up there as well, so if you’re not a fan of ITunes or you just prefer YouTube, head over to our channel and see if there isn’t a show for you; here’s the link:


This week’s MiltnMia Show podcast:

Hitting a Woman and the Ray Rice spousal abuse scandal, with Interview with Toteras #5

After Milt introduces the show and mentions the 5th Interview with Toteras, he launches into today’s theme and outlines what happened to Rice’s then-girlfriend in the casino elevator, then offers some history of men beating women, admitting that it doesn’t make it right and that violence against women, children and animals is always wrong. “When the video first came out, nobody was outraged and everybody was saying ‘Oh it’s a cultural thing amongst blacks, White Society doesn’t understand’ but that’s BS.” He talks about the hypocrisy of everyone, including the media, suddenly piling onto Rice after video of him actually hitting her surfaces, “But where was this outrage when the story first came out? Rice clearly has done this before, and maybe it happens all the time in private, and of course in cultures beyond ours, in Muslim and Christian societies where women are still the property of men, but that doesn’t make it right, and no matter you say, I am firm on this!”!-milt-n/id796661531


A word on the Toteras interviews:

Listen to them, listen all the way through them and try not to close your mind off at the first startling or offensive thought you encounter, for if you have the patience to sit and really ingest what the Master is saying, his words will change your life, in the right way!

My mom is out of the hospital and is resting at home; thank you to those who wrote me those lovely notes of encouragement and love; I read them all to her and she really enjoyed -and probably needed-them.

Giants-Dodgers today. Giants crushed ’em 9-0 Friday, Dodgers obliterated us last night 17-0; ouch! Who wins today? WE do! Eff the Dodgers!

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    Go Leslie !!!!

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