Northern California wildfires touch some of our friends, and this week’s show: When she finds out who you really are: The secret lives of Men and their fantasies

Some sad news:

The forest fires in Northern California this week have severely affected some friends of ours. In the town of Weed, just north of Mt. Shasta, an old friend of my mother’s lost her home this week, and a guy I grew up with, who had just moved to Pollock Pines, east of Sacramento, and had just begun work on his dream home, saw his dream home burn to the ground when the arson-induced fire raged through his property, taking everything. “We hadn’t even unpacked most of our stuff but had to just leave it there, that fire came up so fast on us,” he told me, still unable to process past the shock.

Having survived the fires of 2008 here in the valley, and having watched that fire spread its fingers down, around but not on to our property, I have seen first-hand the fickle nature of fire and have learned to respect it, where once I may have been cavalier, “Ah, hell, just grab your stuff and pack it up and in the meantime, spray your roof with a garden hose and you’ll be fine.” Uh, no, not quite…

That was untested arrogance speaking, and in our case, the fire that raged around our house just laughed at our attempts to battle it. As fortune, fate or luck would have it, though, no real embers landed long enough on our roof to ignite anything, but the idea of standing your ground and challenging a fire in retrospect seems pure folly: fire does what it wants and, depending upon the wind, there is just little any of us can do but watch things burn, and pray.

My friend from Pollock Pines is an ex-athlete, in great shape, had defensible space all about his property, no overhanging tress or anything that would invite disaster, and yet, in less than 5 minutes, the sheer wall of flame that came up from below his house simply overwhelmed their attempts to contain it, and their home was torched.

Now, some may snicker, “It’s no great loss, those people are rich and they have insurance,” but put yourself in their shoes for a moment and try to imagine how you would deal with having most if not all of your possessions rendered useless or, in most cases, simply gone. How do you re-create family heirlooms and objects that have meaning to you? Yes, disasters like this are a time when Stoic ethics must be applied, “It’s all illusion, our material things, for we own nothing here but our opinions,” but the sad fact is, even the most Stoic amongst us feel the loss of that which made up their material lives, and those who have been affected are to be pitied and assisted, in my opinion.


Last week I mentioned I was putting all our podcast shows up on YouTube, but after thinking long and hard, I think I’m gonna just put up short samples from each show and not the entire show. Why? Mia wants to use the YouTube samples to entice people over to the actual podcast, so I’ll be switching things over, from full shows to samples sometime this next week.


This week’s MiltnMia Show podcast:

When she finds out who you really are: The secret lives of Men and their fantasies

After Milt introduces the show, Mia talks about why people should read their books, “To prevent problems, who doesn’t want that? Enough suffering!” Milt introduces the day’s theme, When she finds out who you really are: The secret lives of Men and their fantasies. “It seems like it happens all the time, women discovering their partner’s secret porno stash then all hell breaks loose, but why do men have to keep secret their actual desires?” Mia, “The essence of the problem is fear; men are afraid to reveal themselves because they may get labeled a pervert, since he may be portraying himself as the Perfect Man and doesn’t want to be exposed.” Milt talks about the great contradiction of a country like Pakistan, which is religiously intolerant, and their consumption of porn, principally gay porn. “You’d think the US or Europe would be #1, but do you think all this religious repression actually creates an intense desire for porn rather than preventing it?” Mia replies, “Of course, because religion makes you fearful of being who you are; you keep things concealed because of fear of being judged.”!-milt-n/id796661531


Mia and I are taking a little time off to enjoy our favorite time of year, so we’re headed up in a few minutes to Mt. Shasta for a few days, to commune with the mountain and maybe bullshit with the aliens, then visit my mother’s friend and offer some support. Enjoy!

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