The Faulty Classical Scholar and a Pyrrhic victory, MiltnMia on Transition Radio, and Women Acting Badly: Hungry Cougars and Hot Young Boys

Friends, while I appreciate the confidence some of you have placed in me with regards to all things Classical, as I have said before, I am not an expert, I am simply a hobbyist and a very close reader who has enjoyed good fortune in being taught the shortcuts by a man who was an expert, Demetrius Toteras. I pale in comparison to the Master, and make no bones about it.

That said, however, I am often amused by some of the statements from purported Classical experts and how far afield they are from what the Old Timers actually said, according, of course, to Toteras.

This was brought home to me this week when I got an email from a guy who’d been to a lecture on the Middle East at a famous Bar Area university which featured an expert in the Classics and came away perplexed, coming to yours truly for clarification. The meat of email; from Jim K:

…and then he goes, ‘We can’t have a Pyrrhic victory in the Middle East’ and then a woman shot up her hand, ‘What’s a “Pyrrhic victory”?’ and the guy goes, ‘It’s when everything you’re trying to accomplish goes up in flames’ and then kept going. Now, Milt, I am no scholar but I damn well know that’s not what is meant, isn’t that phrase about a famous fighter and not flames?”

(Ah, someone actually listening to the scholar’s references? Be careful, scholars…)

Jim, you got it, a ‘Pyrrhic victory’ was named for the great Greek general, Pyrrhus (who, by the way, had no teeth but a huge bone where his teeth should be, and when he took the field, just his mere presence was enough to frighten his enemies into panic). Pyrrhus was intractable and obstinate and, on more than one occasion, while earning the ‘victory’ in battles against the Macedonians and then Romans, saw the flower of his troops and his best commanders killed in battle. While everybody was congratulating him, he grew painfully aware of what his so-called ‘victories’ had cost him: damn near everything! He’d thrown everybody, all his best, into the teeth of the battles and, yes, he’d ‘won’ ultimately, but what he lost could not be recovered, and eventually, those great losses of his best men would be telling.

We can borrow Pyrrhus’ lesson for our own uses; how? By understanding that our obstinate pride, which was Pyrrhus’ fatal flaw, often doesn’t allow us to see objectively what must be done when it should be done. No, far too often we cling to our stubborn pride way beyond the actual battle and when it’s senseless to continue, till all our best resources have been used up, scattered or are no longer available to us. Pyrrhus could not overcome his pride, he had to win those battles and no amount of reasoning could sway him, until there was nobody left to fight for him.

Yeah, you may ‘win’ the battle but at what cost? There’s a time and a place for stubbornly digging in, and a time and a place for yielding; we need to learn to distinguish each and act accordingly or risk, as Pyrrhus did, losing everything


Hey, really fun interview this week with Mark Angelo at Transition Radio, one of the world’s leading LBGT radio stations. Mark was fantastic, setting us up and giving us free reign to range as far and as wide as we wished, and boy did we! We spoke mostly about our own podcast and of course, our 2 booklets, The Get Over Yourself! Handbook on Cheating and Betrayal, and The Get Over Yourself! Handbook on Creating Happiness in a Relationship, which has just been released and which I am ecstatic about!

I’ll be mentioning more about this booklet in an upcoming post; should you care to listen to Mark’s interview with Mia and I, here’s a link to the show:


This week’s MiltnMia Show podcast:

Women Acting Badly: Hungry Cougars and Hot Young Boys

After Milt introduces the show, they talk about their new book and the Compatibility Checklist and why it should be read before your begin a relationship, and then Milt introduces the show’s theme, women in committed relationships having secret sex or being tempted into destructive behavior, including teachers having sex with their students. “I’m seeing a lot of women having sex with young men,” he says, then relates some history of women who enjoyed young men before speaking of the current MILF/Cougar rage. Mia, “Young guys are always attracted to older women; it has always happened, but now society judges things like that as sick, but I don’t see it as a problem. Be glad if you’re a young man and you’ve had great sex from an older woman.” Milt, “I love how these young guys are claiming they are the victims.”!-milt-n/id796661531


Friday night, we faced the end of the world, the Royals had just beaten us on our home field to take a 2-1 World Series lead. They’d played like we usually do, movin’ the line along, great defense and a stellar, unhittable bullpen. The future looked bleak, and after 3 innings in Game 4, wow, it was black, Royals up 4-1.

Then, that ‘ol Giants magic roared to life and 11 hits and 10 runs later, the Giants had spanked the Royals for an 11-4 victory. Not bad!

Now, will we ultimately win the Series? I say we do, but the game’s still have to be played, though we grabbed the momentum back and tonight we have MadBum on the hill. Go Giants!

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