Thanksgiving melancholy, Persephone’s pomegranate seeds, book and show notes, and Chopping the Flab: Should women have plastic surgery just to please their men?

I had a mixed Thanksgiving, thank you, and I’m taking the time here to pen a few personal notes because…well, there’s something about this time of year that always brings me a sense of both excitement, and melancholy, and I find myself in need of expressing. I love the change of seasons, the crisp morning … Continue reading

The meaning of Thanksgiving, The Get Over Yourself! Handbook on Creating Happiness in a Relationship has been released, and Paying for ‘It’: The Sugar Daddy and the Hottie

What does Thanksgiving mean to you? For me, I suppose I have two distinct views of the annual event, one from my childhood and one as a purported ‘adult’. My earliest and strongest memories of Thanksgiving were when my Dad would pack up the kids and Mom and we would make the 7 hour trek … Continue reading

The Guy with The Red Helmet, The Rise of Polyamory, and more from the MiltnMia Compatibility Checklist

The Guy with The Red Helmet is a small hummingbird with bright crimson plumage on his head who has befriended me. He comes around every afternoon while I sit outside and repose, and we chat and stare at each other before he whizzes off to wherever, only to come roaring in again a few moments … Continue reading

Milt gets his ass kicked for speaking the truth, 5 Tips for Appreciating Women, and a special Veterans Day interview with Demetrius Toteras

I was at a post-election event this last week when I really stepped in it. Remind me not to wade into ANY further political discourses, as it is always a fruitless task, especially when attempting to be reasonable around devotees and party die-hards. Here in Northern California, marijuana cultivation is the hot button issue, and … Continue reading

Baby Boomers and the fear of Everything, Philosophy to the Rescue: Poking fun at Religion and Spirituality, along with guest authors, Saqqarah and Megan, and a few thoughts on the SF Giants’ 3rd title in 5 years

Mia and I were at a Halloween Party the other night, enjoying ourselves immensely as we watched the kids traipse up and down the streets in this annual event which, for me and I’m sure for many American kids, is really my favorite holiday (if for no other reason than we get to sicken ourselves … Continue reading