Milt gets his ass kicked for speaking the truth, 5 Tips for Appreciating Women, and a special Veterans Day interview with Demetrius Toteras

I was at a post-election event this last week when I really stepped in it. Remind me not to wade into ANY further political discourses, as it is always a fruitless task, especially when attempting to be reasonable around devotees and party die-hards.

Here in Northern California, marijuana cultivation is the hot button issue, and friend of mine, Jim, involved in a local ordinance invited me to sit in with some of the organizers as they licked their wounds and went over what went wrong post-election. I figured I’d sit and watch quietly, as I generally do not like to engage in political exercises, and I really didn’t have anything of interest to say…I thought!

Maybe 15 people were all sitting around Jim’s backyard, commiserating over their collective losses beyond the local ordinance. These were died-in-the-wool Liberals and Progressives who routinely champion the latest cause, and they had just seen the House and Senate taken from their hands and none of them, try as they might, could fathom what had gone wrong. Here, just a few short years ago, they were strutting about and gloating how they’d finally gotten the power they and their ideas deserved and that a huge, sweeping change was about to hit America. 6 years later, that sweeping change had indeed come but it swept up the Liberal/Progressives and not the hated Republicans. This fact was galling to everybody in the group, and I was taken aback by how much venom was being spilled.

We’re the real Americans, the rest of them are assholes!”

This nation is made up of 10% really good, intelligent people like us and the rest are nothing but fucking idiots!”

I bit my tongue as the hatred just flew. It was not a good place to be a conservative Republican, I’m tellin’ ya! Not that I am but, man, some people are completely emotionally invested in their political outcomes!

I was opening another Modello when I caught quite the odd remark, “We just didn’t do a good job communicating our ideas to those dumbshits in the rest of the country, it’s the media bias against us that killed us! We need more control of the media!” I thought, ‘More control? The entire media establishment is nothing but a Liberal mouthpiece.’

But it was Jim who tried to restore some logic to the evening. “I want to go around the group and ask each of you what you think the essential issue we should take from this defeat should be, what went wrong or how should we be looking at this.”

Instead of calmly going from one to the next, everybody started talking at once, just launching at the hapless Repubs, “They stole the election, just like 2000!”

The nation is a bunch of idiots, I hate the Republicans!”

We should take to the streets and protest!”

We should just force our views on the country, we weren’t forceful enough!”

I looked over at Jim, “They, uh, didn’t really understand what you were asking.”

Yeah, I guess so, so let me ask you, what’s your takeaway from this?”

People were still jabbering away righteously and weren’t about to shut up, so I figured I’d actually venture an honest thought; hell, nobody was listening anyway…

I think the take away is exactly what you’re seeing right here, people locked into the blame game, bashing the Repubs and doing the same shit they accuse the Republicans of doing. Strikes me as a pile of hypocrisy, actually…”

Yeah, nobody listening, eh, Milt? My word, the woman sitting near me simply exploded, “What? Are you fucking stupid? We’re the hypocrites? Try explaining yourself, mister!”

Wow, guess I’d touched a sore spot, but I’m not one easily put on the defensive, either. I sipped my beer and smiled, “You’re no better than the Repubs, look at you, seething with hatred, how about if you had taken the high road and NOT engaged in hatred and blaming but had shown the country how your beliefs had elevated your behavior and not just your rhetoric? Maybe if you had not engaged in this constant cat-fighting or been so mad with power that you just trampled on people to get your ideals into law, maybe the people you think are stupid would actually see and understand why they should vote whatever it is you wanted them to vote for, but this constant bickering and name-calling, you think THAT is attractive and you think THAT approach will win people to your side? No, it’s repugnant and the majority of people, I think, got turned off because, beyond your fancy rhetoric and ideals are a bunch of mean-spirited people more concerned with grabbing power than in demonstrating that their ideals are right and should be followed! You can’t shove change down people’s throats or they rebel against it, that’s my takeaway.”

Now, that sounds kinda reasonable, right? It does to me, but oh my, did the sparks fly! As I finished my short, spirited rant, I could feel that all the jabbering had stopped and people were listening to me…and not liking what I had to say, either, ouch!

I sat through a few minutes of bewildering and, in some cases, quite mean retorts. I had spoken heresy, it seems, and nobody was buying it. Jim came to my rescue quickly, “Hey, I think Milt is right to a large degree,” but he got shouted down by more fervent devotees and for the remainder of the meeting, a helluva lot of enthusiastic words were expressed, wow! I held my ground and took a pleasant, benign tone for the rest of the party, but the damage was done, I’d pricked a sacred cow and the looks I got, man…

At any rate, please, remind me not to go political again, my ears are still bleeding…


This week’s MiltnMia Show:

5 Tips for Appreciating Women, and a special Veterans Day interview with Demetrius Toteras

Milt introduces the upcoming special Veteran’s Day interview at the end of the show with Milt’s mentor, battlefield veteran of the Korean War, Demetrius Toteras, then introduces the show’s theme, Milt’s 5 Tips for Appreciating Women and goes through each tip one by one:

Number One is to stop talking about yourself and learn to put the focus on her. Number Two is to be clean in body and your living space. Number Three is tied to Number Two: cut your fingernails and wash your hands. Number Four is about doing the little things that you have learned she likes. Number Five is about lingering during love-making. Milt adds, “The idea is to show her that you appreciate her, and ‘show’ means actions beyond words.”

These are some of the subjects Toteras talks about:

On Korea and the 1st Persian Gulf War; finding yourself in Hell; on the Persian Gulf Heroes; “we are pre-literate now, only images”; “the things we can’t measure we’ve gotten rid of”; on manufacturing heroes; “any man who fights in a battle is a hero”; when Toteras returned from war; “you can’t ever re-coup your feelings after war”; the terrible feeling of aloneness, ‘how come I am here?’; without being connected to friends and family, you are alone; “I don’t buy the New Age”; staying away from counselors; the village with the women’s tongues cut out; on the North Koreans; the Japanese are re-writing history; the luck of the Japanese.!-milt-n/id796661531


Geez, no sooner do my beloved SF Giants win the World Series than my beloved SF Forty Niners look like a bunch of struggling amateurs without a clue. Last Sunday’s loss tot he Rams was the worst game I’ve seen under the Harbaugh regime, and it was flat bad. We head to New Orleans this Sunday and, judging from how we played last week, it probably won’t be pretty!

Go Giants…

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