The Guy with The Red Helmet, The Rise of Polyamory, and more from the MiltnMia Compatibility Checklist

The Guy with The Red Helmet is a small hummingbird with bright crimson plumage on his head who has befriended me. He comes around every afternoon while I sit outside and repose, and we chat and stare at each other before he whizzes off to wherever, only to come roaring in again a few moments later for another brief, hurried visit.

He’s been a fixture at the ranch for months but until recently, has been curiously bullied by another hummingbird (previously mentioned in an earlier blog post this year, by the way). The Guy with The Red Helmet will be sitting on the feeder enjoying his sugar water when out of nowhere, the Bully suddenly attacks him and drives him away. I felt a little sorry for him and all the other hummingbirds who the Bully has chased but, what can I do, kill the bum?

Anyway, earlier this week, with my nephew and his girlfriend visiting, and while eating breakfast one morning, we heard a loud ‘thump’ against the window. I knew the Bully liked to drive his victims into the walls or even near the window and sensed he’d just done it again. Carol, my nephew’s girlfriend, went outside, to find my friend, The Guy with The Red Helmet, laying on his back, crumpled and lifeless below the window. ‘Shit, my pal is dead’, I thought, staring at him in Carol’s palm. Strange how we get attached to small creatures…

She asked me if he was dead. “I have no idea,” I said, “But, yeah, probably,” as the loud noise and lifeless body indicated he’d really gotten his ass kicked. Carol, though, wasn’t convinced he was gone, so she took him to the sink and splashed a little water on his beak; nothing. She repeated it a few more times and still nothing, so she opened the patio door and was about to bury him in the garden when he suddenly sat up in her hand, looked around, then, with a raspy chirp, flew off to a nearby bush where he sat dazed for a few more minutes before regaining his strength and whizzing away.

That was Tuesday. Since then, The Guy with The Red Helmet has been utterly transformed, from meek and timid into a damn invincible force.

I was sitting outside later on Tuesday, reposing, when I looked above me at the feeder to find The Guy with the Red Helmet sipping peacefully; then, as usual, there came the Bully sweeping in to drive him away, but, lo and behold, The Guy with The Red Helmet did not fly to safely, oh no, he turned where he sat and started berating the Bully and would not move from his perch. The Bully hovered over him, beating his wings in a frenzy and chirping and squeaking, but The Guy with The Red Helmet would not budge. Then, his meal finished and the Bully still squeaking, HE turned the tables over and began chasing the fucking Bully throughout our yard! He returned for some more juice, and the Bully came rushing in only to be ignored then aggressively rebuffed.

Every afternoon since, the same scene has been repeated, The Guy with The Red Helmet now the aggressor and the Bully and his bullshit rendered ineffective.

I love it, I just love to see how he overcame adversity to find he didn’t have to accept being pushed around and could stand his ground. Now the Bully is on the run and The Guy with The Red Helmet feels good about himself. And yes, there is a moral lesson here for anyone who can read beyond the literal, so I won’t push any allegories on you and will, instead, show you a couple pictures of my pal, The Guy with The Red Helmet:



This week’s MiltnMia Show:

The Rise of Polyamory, and more from the MiltnMia Compatibility Checklist

After Milt introduces the show, he returns to several sections of their recent booklet and its Compatibility Checklist and they go through each section. Mia, “Most people do not know what they want and expect the other person to make them happy. This book brings self-awareness to people and shows them that it’s never too late to change; that’s thwart we are here for, to learn and grow, for Life is a process.” They discuss 3 sections from the book, Regular Communication, Breaking the Routine and Exercise Habits, before talking about their show’s theme, the Rise in Polyamory. Milt asks, “Will it eventually replace Monogamy?” Mia, “This present era is all about experimentation and people are not satisfied with monogamy. We’re so selfish today, it’s all about satisfying our ego with no thought of others.” Milt then reads an email from a woman in a polyamorous relationship but her man also has another woman and now they are going to have a child and she is confused. Mia, “That’s what happens in the beginning, you think everything’ll be great but now since he has someone else, that’s what you’re reacting to, you’re no longer Number One. I recommend you leave this man, unless you want to be that women who knows her man is having sex and loving another woman. Do you really want that for yourself? It’s all a lesson; your feelings are telling you the answer, just have the courage to move on.”!-milt-n/id796661531


Perhaps miraculously, the Niners pulled off a win in New Orleans last Sunday when all logic said they wouldn’t, or couldn’t. Despite some baffling play-calling and damn poor Kaepernick play, again, the defense stood tall and got the V through some nails defense in OT.

Geez, watching Niners games is exhausting, I can never really enjoy them, screw it, Go Giants…

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