The meaning of Thanksgiving, The Get Over Yourself! Handbook on Creating Happiness in a Relationship has been released, and Paying for ‘It’: The Sugar Daddy and the Hottie

What does Thanksgiving mean to you?

For me, I suppose I have two distinct views of the annual event, one from my childhood and one as a purported ‘adult’.

My earliest and strongest memories of Thanksgiving were when my Dad would pack up the kids and Mom and we would make the 7 hour trek south to San Luis Obispo, where my dad’s sister lived with her family on a huge avocado ranch in the mountains outside town. I both loved and dreaded those events, where my country bumpkin older cousins would always dominate my Dad, me and my brother in our touch football games, until I grew into a -ahem- stud athlete and turned the tables on them. And our family dinners were always lively and somewhat to be feared, when my uncle would go around the large oak table and ask each of us what we were thankful for. Man, I would hunker as low in my chair as I could and mumble whatever came to mind, I just hated having the spotlight on me, and everyone would always laugh at the ridiculous responses my brother and I would come up with. Yet the setting, beautiful foothills and steep mountains rising just outside their backyard, plus all the manly adventure of deer and bird hunting and fishing in their private lake, made the arduous drive worth it.

The idea of being thankful never really had meaning to me until I married and had my first child. It was then, around my own Thanksgiving table, with my newborn son and my lovely wife, Mia, that it began to sink in:

Yeah, being thankful for all that you have and all that you enjoy, the many people in your life that are indispensable, the many events of your life which have brought you to where you are today, yeah, that’s something to be thankful for. And my family, a loving and devoted genius of a wife and a son in excellent health and a loving, gentle spirit, why, that, too, is something to feel gratitude towards, and the friends and colleagues I’d assembled and built strong, working relationships with, and who I couldn’t do without, including my mentor, the mad and enthusiastic Toteras, why, all of this gave meaning to my life and were things to be thankful for, and more, yes, so much more…

And so I ask you, what are you grateful for? What gives you meaning in your life? Whatever it may be, express it, take this time now to reflect on that which is important to you, along with that which is not. Take inventory of the many blessing you have and return your gratitude to The Creator and Its Many Beings who make your life such that it is, for it is my contention that the spirit of gratitude is in damn short supply in this, our instant-gratification demanding society, and by adopting a regular, hell, even sporadic sense of thankfulness, you broaden and open your world to receiving even more of the abundance which is awaiting you.

Don’t do that and harbor, instead, a mean-spirited resentment towards what you feel you don’t have or should enjoy, and watch what then happens…


Critical note:

The Get Over Yourself! Handbook on Creating Happiness in a Relationship is now officially released! Hooray!

Mia and I have been laboring over this booklet for awhile and the results, in our view, are outstanding. Here’s a some promotional text explaining and describing the booklet, available now at all major booksellers and, of course, our website,

‘How often have you heard, “It’s impossible to be truly happy in a relationship, especially with the husband (or wife) that I have”? For Mia and I, however, being happy in a relationship not only IS a possibility but, if you follow the advice in our latest how-to booklet, you’ll not only enjoy increasing degrees of Happiness, but you’ll prevent many of the problems most people eventually experience in their relationships while setting yours on the right course from the very beginning.

The Get Over Yourself! Handbook on Creating Happiness in a Relationship makes the bold claim that Happiness can and should be the standard you want to set, yet we are realistic in our assessment that… “no one can make you happy.” What follows is a carefully laid-out tour of all the elements a couple needs in order to establish and maintain a happy, healthy, loving relationship. Included in the booklet is our Compatibility Checklist of Must Have and Should Be conditions every couple needs to have in place or be working towards.

We make no bones about how easy being in a relationship is, nor do we cloud the reader with long, complex psychological terms; rather, we repeatedly emphasize what we feel is the essence of every successful relationship, Togetherness, and show, in simple, direct and easy-to-read steps, exactly how to achieve it.’


This week’s MiltnMia Show:

Paying for ‘It’: The Sugar Daddy and the Hottie

After Milt introduces the show’s theme, The Sugar Daddy and the Hottie, he mentions websites like Sugar and Ashley Madison, where wealthy men can find attractive women to date for a price. Mia, “Women have always been willing to serve a rich man. And rich men often need hot sex.” Milt, “Let’s talk positive aspects of this relationship, what’s good about it?” Mia, “Number One is the money, and the man might be intelligent and the woman can learn a lot from him. He’s a father figure and lot of girls need that role in their lives.” Milt, “The negatives?” Mia, “You might fall in love with the man and want him more than just as a lover. You might end up feeling used, and you might become attached whether you want to or not, because you start exchanging feelings.” Milt, “What’s the negative aspect for the men?” Mia, “They might be betraying their wife and feel guilt for using someone; besides, you never can really trust the Hottie since you’re paying for her affections: if she starts falling for you, you’re not gonna believe it.”!-milt-n/id796661531


Alright, on to the important news:

The Forty Niners are 6-4 and somehow winning despite some truly poor offensive play and a myriad of key injuries on D. Today the Redskins come to town, a game we should win, then we face the 6-4 Seahawks 2 times in 3 weeks, yet neither team is really good this season, so the outcome will probably decide the wild-card birth. I am the least-confident Niner fan in history, every game is agony and I only take a breath after the 4 hour ordeal is over, and I’m supposed to be some intellectual far removed from base and mindless events like football, my word…only I’m not, I bleed Red-and-Gold and the outcome tends to shape my entire emotional week, now how silly, right?

Not if you’re a Niner fan it isn’t, crush the ‘Skins!


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