Thanksgiving melancholy, Persephone’s pomegranate seeds, book and show notes, and Chopping the Flab: Should women have plastic surgery just to please their men?

I had a mixed Thanksgiving, thank you, and I’m taking the time here to pen a few personal notes because…well, there’s something about this time of year that always brings me a sense of both excitement, and melancholy, and I find myself in need of expressing.

I love the change of seasons, the crisp morning air and the fall colors, and I get a creative spring to my creative step this item of when and am filled with all sorts of thoughts of projects and books and shows to do. It’s a great time for heading into the recording studio to work on your music or an audio, or to rip off drafts of your Great American Novel. I love it!

…And yet, there is a general sadness hanging in the air that is palpable, and unavoidable: the days are shorter, the light angled differently, and people seem more irritable and pressed to get to their destinations and though the fall colors delight the senses, soon they’ll be gone, and what’s left standing are barren frames and thin, sickly shadows of what once was.

I prefer not to allow myself to sink too deeply into that feeling of sadness, melancholia, ennui or whatever you’d like to term it. And I’m always heartened by Persephone’s story, having been kidnapped and taken below to the Underworld by The Dark Lord Himself, Hades, where she must sit beside him until the coming of spring, when he must release her again (the pomegranate, by the way, was the tool he used to dupe her into returning every fall to his lair below, convincing her to eat ‘just a handful, they’re delightful’ as she followed him below, a trick which meant she would have to return year upon endless year). Once she leaves, all Life follows her, due to her mother, Demeter’s, despair of losing her beloved daughter again, for she abandons herself to grief and will not think pleasant thoughts or bless the planet with her life force until she senses her daughter’s imminent return.

It’s a lovely tale, and I like lovely tales but Thanksgiving, as I said, was a mixed day. I was happy to be able to spend time with my brother and my mom, but my hard-working wife was off working hard, my sons busy at their work, my brother and sister thousands of miles away and my father having passed on earlier this year. I can accept all that, but seeing how frail my mother has become since Pops died was more disturbing than I realized it might be. In and out of the hospital over the last few months, she is failing and no amount of bright language can change that. I suspect she’ll have passed on by next summer, too many colliding health factors all colliding now.

I watched my brother, who was Pops’ care provider and now Mom’s, do his level best to keep her comfortable while preparing our holiday meal and keeping his demeanor up. We are different people, my brother and I, and where I may more easily weather emotional crises, this year my brother was hit hard by our father’s passing, and I can sense that he knows what must soon be coming.

The food was of course wonderful and the football games were, well, disappointing if you’re a die-hard Niner fan, but it was that nostalgic feeling, which seems to attend this season, that gripped me for most of the day; as if I was watching the close of a great era, when soon my brothers, sister and I will be on our own. I worry for my brother, who’s sensitivity can cripple him, and wonder what the future holds for him, yet I know that worry is useless and that he will sort out each obstacle and bend in the trail as he comes upon them; as all of us must, including our last walk towards Death, which we must make alone. But the spirit of the season prevailed upon me…until I found myself in bed with my wife, Mia, and our souls soon mingled, again, and that heavy, sad weight suddenly was lifted. There, with my Mia in my arms, I brushed aside all sadness, all despair, and drank deeply from the Cup of Love.

Would that I might pass that Cup to all who are in need…


Mia and I were interviewed this week on Leslie Carol Botha’s show, Holy Hormones Honey, on the Liberty Beacon Radio Network.

Leslie was excellent and really put us through our paces, and for our part, we gave ‘good radio’ and were able to really explore our philosophy in this very unique 1 hour setting.

Check the link below to listen to the archived show, and thanks, Leslie!


Critical note:

The Get Over Yourself! Handbook on Creating Happiness in a Relationship is now officially released! Hooray!

Mia and I have been laboring over this booklet for awhile and the results, in our view, are outstanding. Here’s a some promotional text explaining and describing the booklet, available now at all major booksellers and, of course, our website,

‘How often have you heard, “It’s impossible to be truly happy in a relationship, especially with the husband (or wife) that I have”? For Mia and I, however, being happy in a relationship not only IS a possibility but, if you follow the advice in our latest how-to booklet, you’ll not only enjoy increasing degrees of Happiness, but you’ll prevent many of the problems most people eventually experience in their relationships while setting yours on the right course from the very beginning.

The Get Over Yourself! Handbook on Creating Happiness in a Relationship makes the bold claim that Happiness can and should be the standard you want to set, yet we are realistic in our assessment that… “no one can make you happy.” What follows is a carefully laid-out tour of all the elements a couple needs in order to establish and maintain a happy, healthy, loving relationship. Included in the booklet is our Compatibility Checklist of Must Have and Should Be conditions every couple needs to have in place or be working towards.

We make no bones about how easy being in a relationship is, nor do we cloud the reader with long, complex psychological terms; rather, we repeatedly emphasize what we feel is the essence of every successful relationship, Togetherness, and show, in simple, direct and easy-to-read steps, exactly how to achieve it.’


This week’s MiltnMia Show:

Chopping the Flab: Should women have plastic surgery just to please their men?

Milt introduces their show’s theme, women having plastic surgery to keep their men. He then speaks about a set of twins addicted to surgery, before introducing some remarks from a relationship therapist in London, Louise Van Der Velde, who believes women have no one to blame but themselves if their husbands run off with other women because they’ve gotten out of shape, and women over 40 should have plastic surgery in order to keep their men. Mia, “Yes, we are responsible for what we decide to eat every day and how we exercise.” Milt reads a quote, ‘Men have a right to look elsewhere if their wives or GFs are not in shape’. Mia, “We’re more than just bodies, but there’s a difference between being a little out of shape and just sloppy; if you’re sloppy, it really is your responsibility to get in shape. I think she’s a little exaggerated about her views, though. The man should be the first one to say something to the woman if she’s out of shape.” Milt, “Wait a minute, which man on this planet has the courage to say something like that to his wife? None of us!” Mia, “I’m not against surgery, you’ll accept yourself better, but not everybody has the money. There are alternatives, and you should look your best at every age. It feels good to know you look good.”!-milt-n/id796661531


Oh, the Niners: brutal beat down by the Seahawks the other night, and now it appears the playoffs are beyond us. We shall see but our offense is just offensive and I just don’t think we have enough to battle with the league’s heavyweights.

Oh well, there’s always…next year!

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