The Broken Dove who said ‘thank you’, and Surviving The Periodic Beast: Dealing with Her during PMS

Man, we got our asses kicked out here in Northern Cal with last week’s storm, and as far as I’m concerned, it was wonderful, ahhh

Yeah, we lost a couple trees and everything that wasn’t nailed down got thrown halfway across the ranch, and water was coming in under the front door due to being whipped at 60 mph, BUT, not only did the state need the water, but it was a pleasure to sit under the eaves and simply feel the falling, crisp-cold water all around me.

But we did have some drama: my dog, Rocky, during the height of the storm on Thursday, suddenly started barking at the back porch, and we let him out only for him to come racing back into the house…with a bedraggled and exhausted dove in his mouth! Somehow he had sensed/seen the bird laying outside, but before Rocky could kill it, I retrieved it from his mouth, with lots of, “Good doggy, what a good boy!” Poor thing had gotten his ass kicked in the storm and/or had probably fallen from a tree; he could barely lift his head up. Mia got some blankets and we wrapped him up and then set him in a box under the back porch, so if/when he got better, he could take off.

This was Thursday afternoon; we’d all but forgot about him when, Friday morning, I happened to look out the back and there sitting on the edge of the box was another dove, looking down at his pal, probably saying, “C’mon, man, get up and let’s get out of here!”

It wasn’t at all as violent as the day before, just a steady drizzle drizzling. I wondered if the poor broken bird had died, though, so I opened the back door, his partner flew off and I peaked inside the box: nope, still alive and just siting there in a ball. I had no sooner backed away from the box when he suddenly exploded upwards, clearly recovered, and took off beyond my sight.

I sat looking and was about to head back into the house when a marvelous thing happened: I heard a familiar but much louder ‘coo coo’ sound, and I looked up to see 4 doves not that far over my head, making a series of circles over our backyard, all shouting at each other before they gathered again and finally took off for good.

Was that their way of saying ‘thank you’ to Mia and I for helping their pal out? Was this mere coincidence or simply, what doves do? Being a romantic poet, I chose the former. Of course we connected to the bird, of course they were ‘honoring’ us with a little show, and of course they were happy to be reunited with their friend.

I say all this because I believe, as many Native Americans do and have for as long as they have been here on this planet, that all living beings are my brothers, all, and that all of us, plant, animal and single-cell sludge goo, feel, and included in that is the feeling of being grateful, grateful for overcoming obstacle and adversity and surviving.

Whether it be factual or not, I am not interested, for I saw the Truth of the situation, and the Truth is, we had saved a life and that life expressed gratitude by exhibiting his happiness to us before going on his way.


Hey, Christmas is almost here, so here’s a note on our 2nd book:

The Get Over Yourself! Handbook on Creating Happiness in a Relationship is now officially released! Hooray!

Mia and I have been laboring over this booklet for awhile and the results, in our view, are outstanding. Here’s a some promotional text explaining and describing the booklet, available now at all major booksellers and, of course, our website,

‘How often have you heard, “It’s impossible to be truly happy in a relationship, especially with the husband (or wife) that I have”? For Mia and I, however, being happy in a relationship not only IS a possibility but, if you follow the advice in our latest how-to booklet, you’ll not only enjoy increasing degrees of Happiness, but you’ll prevent many of the problems most people eventually experience in their relationships while setting yours on the right course from the very beginning.

The Get Over Yourself! Handbook on Creating Happiness in a Relationship makes the bold claim that Happiness can and should be the standard you want to set, yet we are realistic in our assessment that… “no one can make you happy.” What follows is a carefully laid-out tour of all the elements a couple needs in order to establish and maintain a happy, healthy, loving relationship. Included in the booklet is our Compatibility Checklist of Must Have and Should Be conditions every couple needs to have in place or be working towards.

We make no bones about how easy being in a relationship is, nor do we cloud the reader with long, complex psychological terms; rather, we repeatedly emphasize what we feel is the essence of every successful relationship, Togetherness, and show, in simple, direct and easy-to-read steps, exactly how to achieve it.’


This week’s MiltnMia Show:

Surviving The Periodic Beast: Dealing with Her during PMS

Milt says he’ll be going solo and there will be a guest author interview with author and radio show host, Leslie Carol Botha, an expert in women’s hormonal issues. He then speaks of his book, How High Should I Jump, with its references to dealing with PMS, and says, “I put the onus on we men to do the bulk of the understanding and adjusting during PMS and that means, don’t over-react when she’s over-reacting.”

He mentions his experiences as a young man dealing with girlfriends and their PMS, “I learned that a woman cannot just ‘snap out of it’, and I learned the hard way and eventually I figured out women’s patterns. The week before her period was not a good time to spring surprises on her!” He the reads an email, from a man who’s GF becomes ‘a beast’ 9 days before her period and won’t listen to reason or logic. Milt, “It’s on you pal, right or wrong, you are the problem, so accept it, don’t blame her and never never never ask her to use logic during her PMS! She’s ran into yet another of your fuck-ups and is not interested in dialogue, she wants action which leads to making her feel better, so get out of her way, and NO JOKES ABOUT PMS DURING PMS, put that in stone! Give her massage, stay out of her way, be sweet and don’t expect her to treat you differently, cause it ain’t happening!”

Milt then sends everyone to their website with its MiltnMia Show Store, before he introduces his guest author interview with women’s hormonal health expert, author and radio show host, Leslie Carol Botha.!-milt-n/id796661531


My mother has been hospitalized again, poorly functioning adrenal glands due to years of steroid use. Poor thing was hospitalized earlier this fall and has yet to really recover, no appetite to sustain her and no real will to continue with her husband and my dad having passed about a year ago.

I will be venturing over to her room soon, where we will endeavor to watch the upcoming Niners/Seahawks game. I’m not sure if watching my inept Red and Gold will heal her or send her to her grave!

Go Niners!


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