Milt’s Christmas message: Buck the experts, toss your fast-food/refined food diet, and overcome Melancholy with the Spirit of Rebirth

Ah, Christmas! That hectic, crazy, exciting, melancholic and inspiring time of year! I, like any of us, have mixed feelings this time of year, and Mia and explore those feelings in this week’s podcast (see below). With my mother still in the hospital, though, and this, essentially the one-year anniversary of my father’s passing, coupled with the crazy amount of rain we’ve had lately (yea!), I have been pressed indoors, in a reflective mood. Reflection is good, especially at years’ end, a way to assess the events of the past 12 months and make any changes to the course you’re on, and 2015 looks to be filled with excitement for Mia and I, professionally and personally.

On a professional note, we have released 2 booklets this year, which we are quite proud of, booklets that some critics have called ‘unusual’, in that they are absent any personal anecdotes or extensive research backed by footnotes and references from various authorities. We have taken this simplified route, however, to do just that: offer something as fundamental as we can, without a lot of ancillary ‘dressing’ to get in the way.

Now, I realize many people won’t consider a how-to book to be worth shit unless it’s packed with peer-reviewed references and vast and tangled statistics, but Mia and I do not appeal to the status quo of former expectations, oh no, we are confident that our voice, in both manuals, will find its audience with people seeking real alternatives to the present status quo: the expert provides a lengthy and detail road-map for you, the audience, to follow, and success depends on how well you adhere to what the expert has outlined. That, of course, is not an inherently bad template, and it’s one we employ as well, but where we differ from the established field of therapists et al hocking their wares, is, that our work -if you actually read it!- will quickly reveal to you the tools you can use to free yourself not only from the grip of the problems(s) you’re facing, but from the grip of the therapists’ snare, a snare that says, “A cure? Oh no, you’re not ready to be cured/released from my grip, you’ll need much more treatment and as your therapist, I strongly urge you to forgo any of those risky alternative approaches and stay within my safe, comfortable bosom.”

Mia and I, however, say, “Screw these parasitic experts and lead yourself, you don’t have to become a slave to your reactions and impulses and you don’t need the expert to solve your life for you.” We believe in this message, as we live by it, and what’s heartening is, an increasing amount of people are discovering that they want to live free from the experts’ grip, too!

Now, there is a paradox here and that is, while we seek freedom from the oppressive, heavy-handed experts who dominate our lives, we stand in need of their expertise more and more; since our society has become so fragmented, there is really very little we can do for ourselves. You can’t really build your own car or produce your own gasoline, and in so many fields where we have little to no experience, we must rely on what very hard-working people have explored, defined, understood and developed; we’d be fools not to, right? The rub is, though, that we tend to deify these people and become their adherents and followers, we erect cults of personality around them and eventually, we stop hearing the message and focus instead on the petty and trivial.

Thus our message: learn to graciously, respectfully take what you need from the world so you can lead yourself.

Now, on a personal note, Mia and I are increasingly moving away from our fast-food, processed and refined Western diet. Oh, since I met that gorgeous little beauty back in ’88, we have been moving towards better and better foodstuffs, but over the last few years, it has really become our focus. As an athlete and outdoorsman since a child, I have accumulated a whole buncha injuries, and a couple years ago, my tendinitis/arthritis/inflammation, especially at night, had reached a crisis point. Mia stepped in and really altered our diet, and lately I am enjoying greater freedom from arthritis et al. How? Cutting out refined foods and dairy, along with reducing meat and chicken to rarely. I have a ways to go, since I do have my temptations (the occasional hamburger or steak), but there is nothing like feeling better and I want more of that!

So to any and all who find themselves on similar paths, take heart, you are headed in the right direction, and though it may be lonely and though many of years friends will gawk in wonder and call you a fool for abandoning the chain of established, received ideas, don’t listen to ’em, stick to your guns and live the life you want to live!

And remember, Mia and I have your back…


Here’s my last sales-pitch of the year:

The Get Over Yourself! Handbook on Creating Happiness in a Relationship is now officially released! Hooray!

Mia and I have been laboring over this booklet for awhile and the results, in our view, are outstanding. Here’s a some promotional text explaining and describing the booklet, available now at all major booksellers and, of course, our website,

‘How often have you heard, “It’s impossible to be truly happy in a relationship, especially with the husband (or wife) that I have”? For Mia and I, however, being happy in a relationship not only IS a possibility but, if you follow the advice in our latest how-to booklet, you’ll not only enjoy increasing degrees of Happiness, but you’ll prevent many of the problems most people eventually experience in their relationships while setting yours on the right course from the very beginning.

The Get Over Yourself! Handbook on Creating Happiness in a Relationship makes the bold claim that Happiness can and should be the standard you want to set, yet we are realistic in our assessment that… “no one can make you happy.” What follows is a carefully laid-out tour of all the elements a couple needs in order to establish and maintain a happy, healthy, loving relationship. Included in the booklet is our Compatibility Checklist of Must Have and Should Be conditions every couple needs to have in place or be working towards.

We make no bones about how easy being in a relationship is, nor do we cloud the reader with long, complex psychological terms; rather, we repeatedly emphasize what we feel is the essence of every successful relationship, Togetherness, and show, in simple, direct and easy-to-read steps, exactly how to achieve it.’


This week’s MiltnMia Show:

The MiltnMia Show Christmas Special: Overcoming Melancholy with the Spirit of Rebirth

After Milt introduces the show, he mentions their theme, Christmas and how this ‘Season of Joy’ is, for many people, a season of depression. Milt, “They have no one to celebrate the season with, or they reflect on their loss and are stuck indoors, so what should a person do to overcome these feelings?” Mia, “Turn it around, it’s all up to you, though some people enjoy feeling sad and feeling sorry for themselves. If you don’t have anybody, go to an old folks’ home where they have no one. Gifts don’t have to come from the store, you can cook something or take something from your garden to give to a lonely people. Instead of feeling sorry, become creative, find things that are fun to do and participate with others.” Milt, “Sharing time with others seems to be the real meaning of Christmas, rather than gift-giving.” Mia, “Just don’t make choices that make you sad. Learn to enjoy all seasons. Be proud of who you are.” Mia goes on to talk about the changes she and Milt are making in their lives, “We’re not gonna wait till New Years, why not make changes right now? We’re trying to make things simpler.”

Milt then shifts emphasis and asks Mia for the real message of Christmas, “What should we be really focusing on?” Mia, “I always see Christmas as a time for rebirth, it’s a time for you to look at and examine yourself and change the things you should change, in order to be born again. Don’t be blind about your life; that for me is the real meaning: making a better you. Change your diet, change your exercise, take the pollutions out of your brain and participate with others. If you’re not happy with your life, don’t blame others, ’cause most likely you put yourself in that situation.”!-milt-n/id796661531


Damn tough loss last night to the Chargers, though you could see it happening before it happened. They wanted it more than we did and we weren’t really playing for anything but pride, and we did have very few regulars out there on D, but still, we collapsed and looked ugly, and that stings.

Yeah, Niners are out of the playoffs, but hey, we got the Giants sooner than we realize, so let’s suck it up, congratulate those teams playing better than us, and keep moving forward.

Merry Christmas, everyone!

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