My Mother’s got C. Diff, the seasonal blend of excitement and melancholy, and The MiltnMia New Years Show: Making New Years resolutions as a couple

I’ve been reporting lately of the mixed feelings that tend to involve us this time of year; how we often feel both exhilaration and a sense of sadness as the year ends, due, of course, to a wide array of reasons. I’ll not enumerate them here, but I will admit to being caught up in that swirl of emotions this week.

On Tuesday night, we sent my youngest son to South America for a month of R & R, Rio de Janeiro to be precise. He’s a confident world traveler and a seasoned cosmopolitan, just as we raised him, and we watched him leave customs with, yes, both pride and excitement and a bit of melancholy, as well…and just a hint of envy! Geez, 21 years old and you’re off to hit the most famous beaches in the world in the heat of summer? Now that sounds like fun!

Yet on Wednesday, celebrating Christmas Eve with my brother and mother, our emotions turned, watching my recently-released-from-the-hospital mother becoming increasingly ill. Sparing you the details, the truth is, she should never have been released from the hospital, as within a few days, her vomiting/diarrhea bouts increased in intensity, to the point she was re-admitted early Saturday morning, 911 to the rescue and several hours later, the diagnosis Mia and I suspected: C. Diff, or Clostridium difficile, a nasty and highly infectious ‘super bug’ that’s the scourge of hospitals and old folks’ homes. Yep, Mom, in her compromised and weakened state, contracted the deadly bug and is now on massive antibiotics and is barely holding it together. C. Diff has the reputation of being one of the top killers of the old, especially in hospitals, and is very tough to kill.

My mother, like my entire family, is a warrior and has vowed to live long enough to see her grandkids playing, grandkids which have yet to emerge from any womb, so that’s good news, but to see her going through such torture just kills. Mia’s over at her house now, disinfecting every surface with bleach and thoroughly cleaning every particle of clothing et al she owns for her eventual return.

And it was exactly this time of year last year when my father succumbed to an infection and died just after New Years.

Still, it’s a beautiful time of year as always, the seasonal joy blended with the knowledge, there before our eyes, of the passing nature of Life, with its reminder to seize every scrap of pleasure you can while removing as many burdens upon others as we may be capable of doing.

Here’s to my mother, Nancy! “Hang tough, Mom, and recover, for you are dearly loved!”


This week’s MiltnMia Show:

The MiltnMia New Years Show: Making New Years resolutions as a couple

After Milt introduces their New Years show, he mentions their 2 relationship booklets, The Get Over Yourself! Handbook on Cheating and Betrayal and The Get Over Yourself! Handbook on Creating Happiness in a Relationship, which has just been released, before he mentions today’s theme, Making New Years resolutions as a couple, then asks Mia why people so quickly break their New Years resolutions, “What is it about making that vow that is so difficult, and why do people give up so quickly?” Mia, “Number One is because people make resolutions beyond their abilities, and people don’t believe they can actually achieve them. Usually it’s about diet and exercise, and people set too extreme expectations; these changes take time and people get tired and want immediate changes that can’t come immediately. Anything you want to achieve takes time and effort, but we are too impatient today, we want everything right now. People should stop and analyze their lives and ask some hard questions: what am I doing here, what is the meaning of my life, am I happy and what can I do to change those things? If you’re not happy with yourself, you won’t be able to change anything, it’s too much work.” Milt, “Should people even make resolutions, and should a couple make them?” Mia, “Yes, resolutions are alright to set, as long as you are realistic about them. And it’s something we should do throughout our lives, not just at New Years. A couple should have some goals and ambitions they share together, whether simple or not. It’s important to do it as a couple in order to encourage each other. Make sure your resolution suits you, or else you’ll do it one day then stop.”!-milt-n/id796661531


With Mia over cleaning at my Mom’s, and with C. Diff demanding my poor mother remain isolated, I’m of no damn use under these conditions other than as cheerleader and poet, so, assuming my poet’s cap, I’ll sign off with a word for all of us:

Drink deeply from the Cup of Love which is your family, friends, take every moment you can to imprint upon your memory all that matters in your world, for you will be leaving soon and all we are allowed to take with us are…our memories!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Years!


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