7 billion versions of reality, and “My husband is a rapist?” Perspectives on Rape, Marriage and De-Sensitized Modern Life

Hmmm, seems some people have very thin -and demented- skins… Got an email this week from a man I’ll not mention, but the email was full of what we might call ‘vitriol’. I get emails from time to time from oddballs and others who just like to bash people, especially public figures, and I usually … Continue reading

Alexander meets Diogenes, and What happens when you die: Death Dying and what it all means

One of my favorite characters from antiquity is Alexander the Great. I’ve always been touched by both his magnanimity towards so many, and his fierce determination to conquer everything! Quite literally, nothing stood in his way, and there are so many fabulous stories and outright lies told about this guy that it’s hard to know … Continue reading

Battling the Western Medical System, and Hot n Sweaty or Tender and Concerned: Having Sex versus Making Love

I am battling the Western Medical System (of which my wife, Mia, is an integral part) for the health of my very sick mother, Nancy, and every day reminds me that my task is much like that of Sisyphus’. For those who understand the myth, you’ll get my point quickly, but for those who’ve yet … Continue reading

The pitfalls of processed/fast food, and Mia’s 5 Reasons why Women are always unhappy and what they can do about it

I was visiting my mother in the hospital on New Years Day (see previous posts) when I ran into a guy I hadn’t seen since high school. It was quite the odd reunion, we with our wives standing in the hallway outside her room and, after the perfunctory exchanges, he said, “Milt, you haven’t aged … Continue reading