The pitfalls of processed/fast food, and Mia’s 5 Reasons why Women are always unhappy and what they can do about it

I was visiting my mother in the hospital on New Years Day (see previous posts) when I ran into a guy I hadn’t seen since high school. It was quite the odd reunion, we with our wives standing in the hallway outside her room and, after the perfunctory exchanges, he said, “Milt, you haven’t aged at all, you look the same as high school!” While that clearly wasn’t true, I have done what I can to live well and take care of myself while not overly-yielding to temptations, one of them being food. Oh, I love to eat and I love to eat good food but, like any of us, I haven’t always been so disciplined and there’ve been times I’ve succumbed to a burger and fries when, if I’d waited, there was wholesome homemade past and fresh salad awaiting me.

Still, and if you knew my present condition, you’d marvel like my old friend did at how I’ve been able to keep my ‘apparent’ health together, for I have little gray hair and I nearly always exude enthusiasm.

Such isn’t the case for my old high school buddy, once a veritable ‘babe magnet’ but now, after years of fast-food and Bud Light, he looks like my grandfather! At any rate, once we’d gotten past our appearances, and waiting for the doctor to come render his daily opinion of my mother’s progress, we started chatting about the course of our lives and the major events that had taken place. I was candid about my own life trail and expected the same from him, but was mildly surprised when he decided not reveal any life-defining experiences he’d had that had shaped him. I pressed initially, then let it go, ‘If you don’t want to talk about it to a guy you hadn’t seen in 40 years or so, no problem’, and we moved on to other topics until the doctor arrived and we parted.

Later, as we emerged from my mother’s room and were on our way home, there in the parking lot was said friend, parked close to our car. I couldn’t just wave and say ‘hey’, so I ventured over to his car. I was taken aback by the change in this man; maybe an hour before, he was smiling and friendly and enjoying our company, but here was a changed man, a look of dark gloom across his face as he lashed out as his wife for some unknown offense. I waited a moment until he turned to address me, and saw that whatever was on his mind had completely gripped him. I couldn’t help but ask, “Are you OK? You don’t look too good.”

Yeah, well, you wouldn’t look so g-damn effin’ good either if you’d just been diagnosed with cancer!”

I stood looking at him, and really, I wanted to offer something sympathetic, I wasn’t in the mood for confrontation or fighting, but I’ve learned that we have few opportunities to be actually help someone, and if we don’t take them, we have wasted the gift that Our Creator has given us. And since I am not into wasting that precious gift, I spoke my mind, his anger notwithstanding.

So you’re pissed off you developed cancer, huh? Well, being angry isn’t gonna help and it’s been my experience that we’re responsible for our diseases and so we can heal our diseases, too.”

What the fuck are you talking about, Milt? I’m not responsible for this, what kind of a prick are you?”

Now, I understood his anger, yet he was standing before someone with a major medical condition and he knew it and yet he was choosing to indulge the old ‘Poor me’ horse-shit that gave him his cancer in the first place. I wasn’t about to back down.

I’m talking about your shitty diet and your lack of exercise and I’m talking about your attitude, because by your own admission, you’ve been eating fast-food and Bud Light for 35 years and you’ve poisoned yourself and your attitude, but if you changed the way you look at cancer, you could beat it, since there’s nobody else but you that can heal your body, in my opinion, of course, but if I were you, I would avoid any talk of chemotherapy and radiation and instead, I would totally re-do your diet and in 6 months time, you won’t have any cancer in your body!”

I was then pleased to see, instead of barking back at me and calling me names, he paused and seemed to actually take in what I’d said, but it was his wife who chimed in, “Wait, are you saying he should go against the doctor’s orders?”

That’s exactly what I’m saying,” I replied, and for the next half hour, Mia and I simply dumped on this clueless couple every scrap of healing information that came to mind, writing out a list of Internet resources and urging him to detoxify his body then begin a course of vegetable-based living. “Give it a month and see if your cancer is either taking off or is getting better, but don’t cheat, don’t play games, stick to the diet with discipline and change your life! And,” I added, “Knock it off with any feeling sorry for yourself or being nasty with others, cause you did it to yourself!”

That last comment, I think, was what he actually needed to hear, because it is so easy to just succumb to gloom and wallow in your depressed thoughts, which only feeds cancer and makes everything worse. No, I did not give him permission to be a victim!

I’ve been on the phone with him the last few days and, when they got home that very day, they began to change their diet in earnest. No, I am not a doctor and don’t want to be, but Mia is an RN, a Health Educator and Health Scientist and has been studying alternative medicine for 40 years and what we are learning about our Western Diet is changing our lives.

I won’t belabor this point, but I will only say, disease and illness can be reversed by eliminating the crap that causes it in the first place, and that is, our processed, refined and fast-food diet.


This week’s MiltnMia Show:

Mia’s 5 Reasons why Women are always unhappy and what they can do about it

Milt introduces today’s theme, “Not every women feels this but a lot of them say they’re depressed, filled with despair and/or anxiety, and it isn’t related to anything, they just don’t feel happy. So let’s look at the reasons why this is and what they can do about it’.”

#1: Women have too high expectations of themselves and everyone else. Mia, “Women today are doing too much and don’t have enough time for themselves; when in history did the women work outside the house and cook and clean? We are over-loading ourselves with expectations and we want too much.”

#2: Women expect their men to bring them happiness. Mia, “Often, it’s easy to blame others, and if you’re not feeling good, you look around and bombard the man with negativity, when truly it comes down to the woman over-loading herself with unrealistic expectations.”

#3: Women believe in Perfection. Mia, “When we’re kids, we all believe in Cinderella stories, finding a perfect man who’ll set you up in a palace and be pampered night and day, but nobody can do that. What we need to do is be a little more realistic and find those perfect moments rather than yearning for some perpetual state of perfection.”

#4: Women are always out of balance, too much or not enough. Mia, “Nothing is actually in balance, we’re always searching for. What happens with women is, because they’re hormonal, they go from one extreme to the other too fast and if they don’t stop and examine themselves, then they’ll always blame outside sources.”

#5: Women have lost the joy and sense of confidence that comes from making your own food. Mia, “This goes back to the first point, women are doing too much now. If you’re so busy that you can’t stop and take a breath or give yourself enough time to prepare a good meal, how are you gonna be happy? Learn to say ‘no’ to certain things, so you can find some balance, for it’s so easy to get lost in this fast-paced life. Preparing your own food must become a necessity.”!-milt-n/id796661531


Headed over to the hospital in a few minutes to hang with Mom and watch the Cowboys/Lions duke it out. Mom is improving, slightly, but has along ways to go. The same advice I gave my friend I give to her, and to you: get rid of your processed foods and go real, whole and organic.

And watch your attitude…



The pitfalls of processed/fast food, and Mia’s 5 Reasons why Women are always unhappy and what they can do about it


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