Battling the Western Medical System, and Hot n Sweaty or Tender and Concerned: Having Sex versus Making Love

I am battling the Western Medical System (of which my wife, Mia, is an integral part) for the health of my very sick mother, Nancy, and every day reminds me that my task is much like that of Sisyphus’. For those who understand the myth, you’ll get my point quickly, but for those who’ve yet to crack their Classics, Sisyphus, cursed by Zeus, was forced to push a huge rock uphill every day all day long, only to see it roll back down to the very base of the hill at day’s end; then, each morning, Sisyphus would give it his all yet again, only to see the damn rock roll right back down to its original position. Frustrating indeed.

I face a similar situation with my mother, who’s been in and out of the hospital and it’s adjacent rehab facility for the better part of three months now. Procedures, drugs, therapies, bland hospital; food and uncaring employees have in no way daunted her blind faith in the system, however, as my mother long a go signed a covenant of trust with her High Priest, “My Doctor!”

Fine, but your effin’ doctor, Mom, has only made you sick, dear while loading criminal-level amounts of poisonous drugs into your system while essentially stripping you of your immune system.

There she sits, languishing in her bed sores, Foley catheter and massive antibiotics, believing the system and Her Doctor will magically restore her to full health. Now, that’s fine, too, because the Placebo Effect, believing mightily in a drug or therapy, has been proven to be almost as effective as any actual procedure, and we know, too, that attitude is so important when attempting to heal ourselves. I get all that, but I live with an RN and Health Educator who has devoted her life to Prevention and Healthy Living, and who has been studying alternative medicine since she was 15 years old. Mia, a Healer and Medicine Woman, knows that you must at minimum supplement and counter-act the massive drugs infusions Mom’s beloved doctor pumps into her with real nutrition and probiotics, and has been suggesting this course for quite some time. Does my mother listen? “My doctor says…” she’ll reply, along with, “I’ve gone 82 years and I’ve made it this far trusting my doctor…”

(But the last 20 years have been pure physical misery, Mom, yet you keep genuflecting and bowing low to these guys, geez)

Let’s cut to the chase: last week, Mom was again on Death’s door, days away from dying, with no real hopes aside form whatever magic Her Doctor might prescribe. Mia and I decided to intervene and literally force her to begin receiving real nutrition in the form of mild and delicious fresh-squeezed juices, knowing that her body has been stripped of nutrition and enzymes and that, more than anything else, was what she was crying for, so we made up a batch of carrot, celery, apple and mandarin juices with a touch of ginger for her nausea, and insisted she at least try it.

Well, she did and she loved it, she drank all of it over 2 days and immediately began to feel better, finally getting out of bed and beginning to return to life. Yea, right? Wrong. The nest day, when we brought her the next batch, this time mixed with a very little kale for chlorophyll, she refused to even try, “I have a few bumps on my skin, I think it’s the juice,” she explained, but I was firm, “No, that’s bullshit, yes, you may experience a few days of increased bowel movement or whatever, but you need this, so at least try it!”

She took one sip and spit it out, “Oh, it’s horrible, I refuse, and my doctor says I don’t really need it anyway, and besides, I’d rather have ice cream and pudding.”

Ice cream and pudding. And the doctor says she doesn’t need the pure juice, which acts like an IV of nutrition straight into your body. NO, she needs more drugs, bland GMO-packed food and whatever else he prescribes. OK, fine, but I get a call this morning, 2 days after she decided not to drink the juice, saying, “I’m not doing well today,” yet when I suggest trying some juice, “Oh, it”s horrible, and my doctor says…”

Mia and I will be addressing this issue in an upcoming show, but in essence, our medical system and in truth, our entire lifestyle is antithetical to good health and has no real interest in curing or restoring anyone. Why not? Well, if you make people healthy and teach them how to do it themselves (juices, fresh fruits and veges, no drugs, meat, dairy etc.), you lose your revenue stream, and nobody, especially Big Pharma, wants to see that!


This week’s MiltnMia Show:

Hot n Sweaty or Tender and Concerned: Having Sex versus Making Love

Milt mentions today’s theme, Making Love versus Having Sex, then reads an email from a woman who wants them to do a show on the differences between making love and having sex, with some advice for her clueless husband. Milt, “Yes, we’re doing that, but as for your clueless husband, I think his problem stems from watching too much porn and thinking that that is making love.” Mia, “To make love, you must be patient and develop all your senses, whereas sex is just a fast release to get rid of your hormones.”

Milt, “People today are not trained in what lovemaking and sexual expression should be.” Mia, “We all have something greater than just our bodies within us, and making love is about a couple connecting to that higher, spiritual level. You want to complement each other and be selfless, whereas in sex, it’s all about being selfish and getting what you want. Love-making is an art and only gets better in time.” Milt then goes through the list, “In sex, there is little foreplay, but lovemaking is all about taking your time.” Mia, “Making that moment sacred, shutting out the rest of the world, and being in communion.” Milt, “When young, it’s easy to confuse sex with love, since it’s so intense you mistake the feelings.” Mia,

A lot of relationships are like that, especially when young. The newness confuses you since you haven’t any real references, but you only know if the person truly loves you when you go through hardships.” Milt, “In sex, there is very little romance, but love-making is all about romance.” Mia, “It’s about the connection and the concern you show each other. And being under the influence is another way to confuse your feelings; the best thing is to go slowly, don’t rush and get to know the person before you give yourself away.”

Milt, “Can there be love-making in a 3-some or open marriage, or is love-making always between 2 monogamous people?” Mia, “It depends on what you believe. I believe in the possibility that for some people, yes, they can make-love in non-traditional ways, but it depends on their beliefs and the culture.” Milt talks about the ‘rise of eroticism’, “How is that different than making love?” Mia, “It’s another type of exploration; some people are professional lovers, like Casanova, who make every lover feel they are the only ones.”Milt, “How long does it take for a couple to actually make love, or is it case-by-case?” Mia, “It’s case-by-case; it depends on how developed each of you are.”


Alright, Mia and I are off to the hospital to give it another shot with Mom, and yes, we’ve made up another does of juices and will literally force at least some of it down her reluctant gullet.

Take care, and stay away from Western Medicine if at all possible…

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  1. Susan Wooldridge says:

    Ahh dear Leslie… Been there with my dad…. So sorry… Xoxox

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