My son pays me the ultimate compliment, “I can’t stop myself!”: The Cheating Gene found only in women, and thoughts on 50 Shades of Grey

I received perhaps the highest compliment I have ever gotten recently, and I’d like to share it with you, especially you parents:

I was sitting outside the other day with my friend and partner, Vic, along with my youngest son, Orson, and the talk turned philosophical, particularly, how each of us viewed our impending deaths (impending in the sense that all of us, like it or not, and soon, sooner or even later, have our ‘dates with Haros‘) and after Vic shared his opinion, that not only doesn’t it matter what happens after we die but that we’re wasting our efforts trying to figure out this forever-veiled realm, my son chimed in with his own views.

Now, my son recently turned 21 and thus the stereotype for guys his age is one of being barely above brain-dead and solely focused on girls. Yet Orson, giving Vic time to finish his thoughts, then offered his own, which I won’t paraphrase other than to say it was remarkable for its depth and understanding and the degree of open-minded possibility rather than dogma that he exhibited.

Vic was breathless, “Are you kidding me? I’m 70 years old and I’m only recently even barely coming to understand these subjects. And here you are, talking as if you’ve been familiar with these issues all your life and that they’re no big deal! How the hell did you get to be so smart so young?”

Orson smiled and pointed my way. “Because of him,” he said, “Unlike other dads and their kids, when the kid comes to his dad and asks a question, most dads go, ‘Uh, I don’t really know, you figure it out’, whenever I asked Pops anything, didn’t matter what, he would stop whatever he was doing and take 20 minutes at least to answer my question and provide examples and explanations I could understand. I used to pester him on every subject I could think of, and he never refused to give his real opinion along with things I could use. He would take time for me and make sure the problem was looked at from as many sides as possible, and while he always gave his opinion, he also always, always reminded me that there are many different ways to view a situation and to never get locked into any one position or dogma. He exposed me to ideas and thoughts at an age when most kids were just discovering their dicks!”

Orson and Vic went on to flesh out what it means to be raised by an engaged and active parent(s) versus all those kids who do not have that benefit, but there came a lull in the talk and Vic finally got to his feet to leave.

Just remember this, Vic,” Orson said, looking at me, “There’s nobody like my old man!”

Be that as it may, friends, take the time to give meaningful explanations to your children, and they will be able to navigate life for themselves…


This week’s MiltnMia Show:

I can’t stop myself!”: The Cheating Gene found only in women

After Milt introduces the show, he mentions a recent email from a woman. Milt, “This woman feels she has a genetic predisposition to cheating, which she got from her mother who got it from her mother. And now, researchers have confirmed that there is a cheating gene and it’s only found in women!” He goes on to describe what these researchers have uncovered, before saying, “Not stress or temptation, Mia, but genes are primarily affecting a woman’s sexual behavior.” Mia, “We all have genes within us which may or may not ever get turned on, but it has a lot more to do with environment. Yes, every woman by nature is a cheater, since it’s easier for a woman to have sex than a man, and women are always looking for a partner, but it has more to do with who you are. The real question is, if you have this gene, what do you do? It’s almost an advantage, for if I know I have this gene, I can do things to prevent it.” Milt, “Your view is that just because you have this gene, you can overcome its influences.” Mia, “It’s more about the choices you make; don’t expose yourself to the elements that make you cheat. Avoid putting yourself in certain circumstances, unless you like cheating, and those people will do it anyway and for the rest of their lives.” Milt, “Do you think in the coming years your doctor will have genetic tests for this?” Mia, “Sure, especially amongst the wealthy, who want to choose every aspect of their children. But don’t count on the gene alone; according to your behavior, you can change its affect. If you listen to Bruce Lipton, you’ll see he believes you can overcome your genetics by changing your environment. But you don’t have to have a gene for cheating; put anyone in the right environment, with hot bodies, music and alcohol around them and they will cheat.” Milt, “In the future, will women actually tell their partners they have this gene?” Mia, “Depends on who you are: if you’re an honest person, you might want to be open about it in order to prevent trouble. The bigger issue is the day-to-day: is your wife happy with your behavior or not?”!-milt-n/id796661531


Mia and I, as I mentioned last week, did our due diligence and hit the theater last Sunday, in order to take a more critical viewing of the pop phenomenon, 50 Shades of Grey. While obviously it was a well-made movie, and obviously it was set up for its sequel(s), Mia did not enjoy it and the sex “…didn’t get me hot, in fact, I thought the sex was rather boring!”

My issue wasn’t necessarily the sex or lack thereof, it was the storyline itself, with its prudish behavioral response by heroine, Anastasia, after asking for “…the worst that it gets” from C. Grey. For all its purported ground-breaking imagery and thought, she came off as not very imaginative, nor generous. That, and the general dreariness and melancholia of the entire film made for a…well, dreary, flat and uninspired response from Mia and I.

Too psychological as well for my tastes, and ultimately I can’t recommend it, but if somebody decides to make a film of DeSade’sPhilosophy in a Bedroom‘, I will be the first in line!

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