MiltnMia are back from an exhausting trip, and man-boobs, irritability and impotence: Manopause and testosterone treatment, along with guest expert, Dawn Westmorelend

Mia and I are back from a rather exhausting trip to South America. While we were able to enjoy ourselves, it was a very difficult trip for me physically, and even more rough trip for her emotionally.

Mia’s mother had a massive stroke, paralyzing her entire left side. Heath care in South America is not what we have here, and when we arrived, we were aghast to learn her mother, Lia, had not been moved, given any essential recovery drugs or, really, had not even been treated. Physical therapy is non-existent, the doctors rarely see patients, the beds are absurdly high and are unable to be lowered, meaning it’s nearly impossible to get anybody out of bed, and the wheelchairs all come without brakes, have no real seats and, coupled with the sharp, rusted edges, are major accidents waiting to happen.

Still, with all that, Mia set to work to do what she could for Lia. Our first day there, with me serenading the entire room on acoustic guitar, Mia was able to wrestle her mother down from the precipitous bed and into the nasty-bad chair, where she initiated PT techniques and actually got some improvement in her. This she repeated for the next 10 days before we had to return. Unfortunately for Lia, there are no Mia Matters clones -to my knowledge- and her sisters, though caring, have none of Mia’s experience or talents in medicine, and I fear Lia will not only struggle under Mia’s absence, but, because she cannot swallow or cough, much less ambulate, she doesn’t have long to live.

I got sick right away and, coupled with a terrible sleeping situation, really had a rough time. Luckily the food and beach were restorative, I was able to get some work done and at the end of the trip, I had an amazing 3 hour massage session with a Shiatsu master, ah! Yet the pall which set over the entire trip has not been lifted, as it has become common knowledge across the family and friends that these are Lia’s last days.

In the last year, Mia and I have dealt with the deaths of my parents and several other relatives, and will soon face her mother’s passing, unless she miraculously recovers or simply lingers interminably in that near-death languor, something I do not wish on anyone…


This week’s MiltnMia Show:

Man-boobs, irritability and impotence: Manopause and testosterone treatment, along with guest expert, Dawn Westmorelend

Dawn Profile picture

After Milt introduces their latest guest expert interview with writer, speaker, consultant, life purpose coach & hypnotherapist, Dawn Westmoreland, he opens today’s theme, dealing with Mano-pause and men taking HRT or hormone replacement therapy. Milt says that many experts suggests men are dealing with manopause, similar to women’s menopause, as their testosterone drops in middle-age and blame this drop in testosterone for a lot problems, including low energy, poor concentration, man boobs, irritability and impotence. He counters this by saying that a lot of people are suspicious of HRT and feel it is really only something Big Pharma is pursuing in order to make money. He refers to Professor Fred Wu, Director of the Andrology Research Unit at the University of Manchester, who says the symptoms attributed to low testosterone and the male menopause are actually ‘normal symptoms of unhealthy aging’. Milt, “Maybe, Mia, instead of these men taking HRT, they should be taking better care of themselves, but what are your feelings about this growing phenomenon? Should men be taking HRT or should they be simply getting in shape and changing their diets?” Mia, “The number one thing is prevention: you don’t need to take anything if you’re actually taking care of yourself but as we say often, people want instant solutions, so when they hear about an instant cure, they go for it, but people forget the consequences of hormones. We’re always trying to get younger, but all these techniques have consequences.” Milt, “I found Professor Wu to be very clear-headed, he says that obese men with low testosterone normally find their levels bounce back when they simply lose weight or knock off any excessive drinking and that ‘Low testosterone is usually -though not always- caused by changes in a man’s physical and mental health and lifestyle that commonly occur as they age,’ and that the only real benefit is a placebo affect.” Mia, “Hormones do change the glands in your body, but we are so used to taking a pill for everything, that’s what we want rather than the hard work of disciplining ourselves.”

Milt reads an email from a woman in England, who’s husband is suffering from poor health and wants to take HRT but she doesn’t think he should and wants him to change his lifestyle and he is reluctant. Mia, “Let him try it; maybe it will maybe it won’t work, but make an agreement, let him do it for a few months and have him exercise every day and change diet. Find a mid-line and have a conversation where you both compromise, but now his mind is set, and who doesn’t want a magic solution in a pill? If he believes in the medicine, allow it but show the importance of the change in behavior as well, and do the changes with him. The truth is, things only change when you put effort into it. Give him 6 months and if he hasn’t changed, then divorce him, because who wants to be with someone who is not healthy and not changing their behavior?”!-milt-n/id796661531


There is nothing like resting in your own bed, eating food your body is familiar with and just being in your living space. I can’t express to you how good it feels, yet I will miss our second home down south and have nothing but good thoughts and memories to reflect on, as I simply excise the crap and exaggerate the good.

As luck would have it, upon my return, my beloved Giants have found their winning ways again, and ah, yes, that, too, feels good!

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