My son pays me the ultimate compliment, “I can’t stop myself!”: The Cheating Gene found only in women, and thoughts on 50 Shades of Grey

I received perhaps the highest compliment I have ever gotten recently, and I’d like to share it with you, especially you parents: I was sitting outside the other day with my friend and partner, Vic, along with my youngest son, Orson, and the talk turned philosophical, particularly, how each of us viewed our impending deaths … Continue reading

“That donut keeps calling me!”: Addiction, Self-Control and Choosing who you want to be, with Christina Santini

Ah, the best laid plans of mice and men… My computer’s hard drive suddenly decided it had had enough this week, and thus my entire on-line existence was thrown into confusion. I got up to go to work earlier this week and found the computer dead, and nothing I or my tech friend could do … Continue reading

Milt’s controversial Classical interpretations, and Limiting Life’s possibilities to 2: The Trap of Dualistic Thinking, along with guest expert, Angela Levesque

Mia and I were at a dinner party recently, when a guy I’d only met once came rushing enthusiastically up to me. “Milt, I fuckin’ love your show, man!” he gushed, crushing my hand in his. “Mia is so unpredictable and she’s just spot-on with the advice, and you, my man…” I waited for the … Continue reading

Cleaning up after Death, and the MiltnMia Show Valentine’s Day Special: Tips for developing a loving relationship

The business of Death is not pleasant, friends… That’s what we’ve been dealing with all week, tying up all my mother’s loose financial ends, which are, sadly, many. Thankfully, my sister, the executor of Mom’s estate, and I are in mutual agreement as to how to proceed, and I don’t expect any squabbles over money … Continue reading

My mother, Nancy, has passed on…

This has been a difficult several weeks, friends: My mother, Nancy, died on February 6th at app. 6:30 pm, after doctors put her on Comfort Care and removed all medical devices, including her blood pressure medicine; within a few minutes, she had passed. I’ll spare you the medical details but in essence, and typical of … Continue reading

Anthropomorphizing our pets, Screwing every man you meet: Promiscuity and Girls from broken homes, and Milt’s thoughts on the Super Bowl

Julius Caesar was headed to the Forum one day when he saw a bunch of foreign women with tiny, prettified dogs in their arms. The women were ooohing and aaaahing and making a huge scene while they lavished their pets with attention. Caesar turned to a friend, “They must not raise children were they come … Continue reading

7 billion versions of reality, and “My husband is a rapist?” Perspectives on Rape, Marriage and De-Sensitized Modern Life

Hmmm, seems some people have very thin -and demented- skins… Got an email this week from a man I’ll not mention, but the email was full of what we might call ‘vitriol’. I get emails from time to time from oddballs and others who just like to bash people, especially public figures, and I usually … Continue reading

Alexander meets Diogenes, and What happens when you die: Death Dying and what it all means

One of my favorite characters from antiquity is Alexander the Great. I’ve always been touched by both his magnanimity towards so many, and his fierce determination to conquer everything! Quite literally, nothing stood in his way, and there are so many fabulous stories and outright lies told about this guy that it’s hard to know … Continue reading

Battling the Western Medical System, and Hot n Sweaty or Tender and Concerned: Having Sex versus Making Love

I am battling the Western Medical System (of which my wife, Mia, is an integral part) for the health of my very sick mother, Nancy, and every day reminds me that my task is much like that of Sisyphus’. For those who understand the myth, you’ll get my point quickly, but for those who’ve yet … Continue reading

The pitfalls of processed/fast food, and Mia’s 5 Reasons why Women are always unhappy and what they can do about it

I was visiting my mother in the hospital on New Years Day (see previous posts) when I ran into a guy I hadn’t seen since high school. It was quite the odd reunion, we with our wives standing in the hallway outside her room and, after the perfunctory exchanges, he said, “Milt, you haven’t aged … Continue reading