Milt’s summer hiatus, and “I only want the positives”: The secret to a lasting relationship without the heartaches, with guest expert Cynthia Brian

Friends, I will be taking the remainder of the summer off from my weekly blog posts. I may post the occasional piece, time permitting, but Mia and I have recently been engaged in an enterprise entirely unrelated to relationship counseling, one that we are finding both wildly fulfilling and quite time-consuming, thus I am simply … Continue reading

“A hero is anyone who has fought in war”, and a Memorial Day Special: Demetrius Toteras, Korea and the 1st Persian Gulf War

I’ve said this before but I’m generally not a fan of holidays and the pressure to get out and spend, our patriotic duty it would seem. Oh, I love Christmas and New Years and always will, but most of the others strike me as contrived (Valentine’s, MLK, Chavez, President’s Day…) and without great meaning. I’ll … Continue reading

The Truth versus Truth-ing, and A little bit on the side: Having an affair to liven up your marriage

I made my annual visit this last Wednesday night to a private men’s seminar up in Grass Valley, CA. The venue has changed, and the sponsor this year was new to me, but I was heartened to see quite a number of men I have gotten to know over the years there in attendance. I … Continue reading

The blessing and curse of Motherhood, and Using Her for Sex: What Love Isn’t, with guest experts, Merry and Burl Hall

Happy Mother’s Day, everyone! I will be wishing my wife and the mother of my boys, Mia, a more personal Mother’s Day later this evening, but here, I would like to pause for a moment and reflect on the meaning of this day and the general state of Mothering across the planet. Mother’s Day should … Continue reading

MiltnMia are back from an exhausting trip, and man-boobs, irritability and impotence: Manopause and testosterone treatment, along with guest expert, Dawn Westmorelend

Mia and I are back from a rather exhausting trip to South America. While we were able to enjoy ourselves, it was a very difficult trip for me physically, and even more rough trip for her emotionally. Mia’s mother had a massive stroke, paralyzing her entire left side. Heath care in South America is not … Continue reading

Milt explains his ‘pro-woman, anti-feminist’ views, and Being who you are: Bullying, cowardice and accepting your transgender child

Interesting email this week, from Janice: “Milt and Mia, I love your show and I love your blog!! I was reading back about a year ago’s blogs and you were saying in that one (?) that the hole (sic) idea of men or women being superior is BS and that we should be learning to … Continue reading

Baby Boomers and the fear of Everything, Philosophy to the Rescue: Poking fun at Religion and Spirituality, along with guest authors, Saqqarah and Megan, and a few thoughts on the SF Giants’ 3rd title in 5 years

Mia and I were at a Halloween Party the other night, enjoying ourselves immensely as we watched the kids traipse up and down the streets in this annual event which, for me and I’m sure for many American kids, is really my favorite holiday (if for no other reason than we get to sicken ourselves … Continue reading

Milt addresses so-called ‘phobias related to women’ including intimacy, Interview with Toteras on Change, and Wir gratulieren, Deutchland!

Friend of one of my son’s has been coming around the house this summer, ‘bathing in your confident glow’, he said when I asked why he would waste his afternoons sitting around with me. A student-athlete of mine from a few years’ back, he dropped out of college when he could find nothing that interested … Continue reading

Why we men need discipline, 7 Sages: Solon, the real truth behind the Donald Sterling Fiasco, and Love is the essence of Motherhood

Happy Mother’s Day, mothers and their offspring! I’ll be returning to this theme in a bit, but let’s dive into an email I received this week referencing last week’s blog; from Dave L: “I read your blog every week but last blog got me thinking. You were saying how a person needs to do daily … Continue reading

More ‘Kissing Congressman’ controversy, 7 Sages: Periander, and Socrates and why he refused to leave Athens

Ah, a little rain in the North State, a welcome respite from the allergies! Let’s jump right into our review of the 7 Sages of Antiquity and look at this week’s sage, Periander of Corinth. Now, there has been some controversy over whether or not Periander and not Myson should be placed in this group, … Continue reading