Milt’s summer hiatus, and “I only want the positives”: The secret to a lasting relationship without the heartaches, with guest expert Cynthia Brian

Friends, I will be taking the remainder of the summer off from my weekly blog posts. I may post the occasional piece, time permitting, but Mia and I have recently been engaged in an enterprise entirely unrelated to relationship counseling, one that we are finding both wildly fulfilling and quite time-consuming, thus I am simply … Continue reading

“A hero is anyone who has fought in war”, and a Memorial Day Special: Demetrius Toteras, Korea and the 1st Persian Gulf War

I’ve said this before but I’m generally not a fan of holidays and the pressure to get out and spend, our patriotic duty it would seem. Oh, I love Christmas and New Years and always will, but most of the others strike me as contrived (Valentine’s, MLK, Chavez, President’s Day…) and without great meaning. I’ll … Continue reading

MiltnMia are back from an exhausting trip, and man-boobs, irritability and impotence: Manopause and testosterone treatment, along with guest expert, Dawn Westmorelend

Mia and I are back from a rather exhausting trip to South America. While we were able to enjoy ourselves, it was a very difficult trip for me physically, and even more rough trip for her emotionally. Mia’s mother had a massive stroke, paralyzing her entire left side. Heath care in South America is not … Continue reading

Milt explains his ‘pro-woman, anti-feminist’ views, and Being who you are: Bullying, cowardice and accepting your transgender child

Interesting email this week, from Janice: “Milt and Mia, I love your show and I love your blog!! I was reading back about a year ago’s blogs and you were saying in that one (?) that the hole (sic) idea of men or women being superior is BS and that we should be learning to … Continue reading

Burning Man considerations, wife-sharing in ancient Sparta, and A#s is the new vagina? The Physical and Meta-Physical Consequences of Anal Sex

Mia and I are leaving later today for a couple weeks out in the Nevada Desert, including a short stay at the annual art installation cum alternative expo, Burning Man, out near Gerlach. I’ve been irregularly visiting since the first events in ’89/90, when they were loosely organized and sparsely attended. Burning Man has reached … Continue reading

Milt’s thoughts on whether or not we actually experience Loss, some insights into the nature of Existence, and Sex and Summertime: Making hot summer nights even hotter!

A near-deluge of emails and queries from my recent appearance up in Nevada City at a men’s conference. Crazy, and I’m not sure why suddenly I’m getting these messages but here they are, hmm; maybe some article came out, but I’ve gotten a handful lately, some from guys I remember, but one in particular begs … Continue reading

Milt addresses so-called ‘phobias related to women’ including intimacy, Interview with Toteras on Change, and Wir gratulieren, Deutchland!

Friend of one of my son’s has been coming around the house this summer, ‘bathing in your confident glow’, he said when I asked why he would waste his afternoons sitting around with me. A student-athlete of mine from a few years’ back, he dropped out of college when he could find nothing that interested … Continue reading

Thoughts on the School of Absurdity, what each of us actually owns, and Auf gehts Deutschland!

Thank you to everyone who has visited the new website,! It’s been a labor of love, and my colleagues at the Pataphysical Institute of Northern California and the folks at Simmons Theater have done a great job getting all the archived footage and audio material shaped up. They chose a very simple website design, … Continue reading

Report from the Men’s Conference: Dealing with Loneliness/Aloneness, Milt’s Interview with Toteras #3 goes way deep, and World Cup tid-bits

It’s summer, I’m feeling light and breezy so I’ll keep this post, indeed, light and breezy! This week, I attended a private men’s conference up in the beautiful town of Nevada City, deep in the Gold Country. Lovely, yet the men I met with were, if I can paint them with a broad brush, all … Continue reading

Milt faces off with a therapist, the second Interview with Toteras, and thoughts on the World Cup

…Not that I didn’t expect it, but the number of therapists, counselors and so-called ‘mental health experts’ who are loudly objecting to our anti-psychology approach to what I feel are, for the most part, basic existential issues and essentially calling for our heads has been a bit of a surprise. I get it, these ticks … Continue reading