Milt’s summer hiatus, and “I only want the positives”: The secret to a lasting relationship without the heartaches, with guest expert Cynthia Brian

Friends, I will be taking the remainder of the summer off from my weekly blog posts. I may post the occasional piece, time permitting, but Mia and I have recently been engaged in an enterprise entirely unrelated to relationship counseling, one that we are finding both wildly fulfilling and quite time-consuming, thus I am simply … Continue reading

“A hero is anyone who has fought in war”, and a Memorial Day Special: Demetrius Toteras, Korea and the 1st Persian Gulf War

I’ve said this before but I’m generally not a fan of holidays and the pressure to get out and spend, our patriotic duty it would seem. Oh, I love Christmas and New Years and always will, but most of the others strike me as contrived (Valentine’s, MLK, Chavez, President’s Day…) and without great meaning. I’ll … Continue reading

MiltnMia are back from an exhausting trip, and man-boobs, irritability and impotence: Manopause and testosterone treatment, along with guest expert, Dawn Westmorelend

Mia and I are back from a rather exhausting trip to South America. While we were able to enjoy ourselves, it was a very difficult trip for me physically, and even more rough trip for her emotionally. Mia’s mother had a massive stroke, paralyzing her entire left side. Heath care in South America is not … Continue reading

Milt explains his ‘pro-woman, anti-feminist’ views, and Being who you are: Bullying, cowardice and accepting your transgender child

Interesting email this week, from Janice: “Milt and Mia, I love your show and I love your blog!! I was reading back about a year ago’s blogs and you were saying in that one (?) that the hole (sic) idea of men or women being superior is BS and that we should be learning to … Continue reading

Our Cheating book to the rescue, and Pleasuring yourself: Compulsive Masturbation and the Case of the Women’s Shoes

Got an email this week that I thought I’d open today’s blog with; from Kammel U. in Ukiah, CA: “Milton and Mia, you are life-savers! After my wife of 27 years up and left me for one of my farm workers (ouch!), I was despondent and lost. I searched the Internet and found your book, … Continue reading

The Seven Sages: Bias, making fun of life, banning the word ‘bossy’, and The Get Over Yourself! Handbook on Cheating and Betrayal arrives!

Almost a year and a half ago, before the publication of my book, How High Should I Jump, I was engaged in a fun and insightful study here on this blog of some of History’s Most Memorable Women. I can’t recall how many women I profiled before having to drop the effort and attend to … Continue reading

The ‘Get Over Yourself’ Handbook on Cheating and Betrayal, a listener wants to hear more Milt on the show, and ‘what does the “R” stand for?’

I know, March Madness is upon us and who has any interest in stupid stuff like personal issues and philosophy? Uh, some of us do, so for those who are not glued to their TVs screaming for State to kick ass on U, let me start this wonderful Sunday morning off and announce we are … Continue reading

A married man struggles to celebrate his hot-wife’s extra-marital adventures

Hello again everyone! I’ll ignore those who don’t celebrate this, my favorite holiday, and ask, how was your Halloween? I had a wonderful time, dressing up as a witch doctor and giving out a few home-made organic goodies rather than GMO candy. At any rate, up first, as every week, is a promo for my … Continue reading

Quibner hits the radio, a nice ‘review’ of the book, and the Art of Exaggeration in Philosophical Applications

Hey everybody, I hope you’ve had an excellent and invigorating summer, as I have! And now, with Fall looming, I am kicking in my Media Push with some rather exciting news, at least for me: Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday nights at 8 pm Pacific please join me for my half hour radio show, The … Continue reading

‘Dreading’ Death, deflating “What if” fearful reactions, and the mind-f#ck known as Betrayal

Greetings again, friends! For those on the East Coast, and we Californians, this is one hot summer and not getting any better any time soon. Ah well, it IS and thus, since there’s little we can do but enjoy the heat -for all things pass, friends, both good and bad- get outside and groove a … Continue reading