Milt battles feel-good censorship and the Agelastes, and Getting back at your Ex: The Posting of Revenge Porn, along with Akasha the Psychic Soul Healer

Let’s talk email. Got an email, actually the second in 2 weeks, from a guy who has become a steady critic of The MiltnMia Show. Not that he doesn’t like what we do, it’s just that he feels we have veered far afield from where we had originally began. I’m not gonna paste the email … Continue reading

The real meaning of Independence Day, the School of Absurdity has arrived, and Milt’s thoughts on the Neymar injury

Friends, I trust you are all enjoying a wonderful 4th of July weekend! While many war mongers bewail our current military ‘weakness’ and demand air strikes on the innocents, and far-left whack-jobs flood our borders with ‘immigrants’ and call for unlimited amnesty, those of us of a more contemplative nature generally take a few minutes … Continue reading

Balancing Intimacy with Solitude, the essence of real Friendship, and more World Cup thoughts

Last week’s men’s conference in Nevada City was interesting for a number of reasons, beyond simply a twist on how to deal with Loneliness, and among the more memorable notes from the evening (set in the old Gold Mining tailings above the town) was a discussion on familiarity and the need to be cautious before … Continue reading

Report from the Men’s Conference: Dealing with Loneliness/Aloneness, Milt’s Interview with Toteras #3 goes way deep, and World Cup tid-bits

It’s summer, I’m feeling light and breezy so I’ll keep this post, indeed, light and breezy! This week, I attended a private men’s conference up in the beautiful town of Nevada City, deep in the Gold Country. Lovely, yet the men I met with were, if I can paint them with a broad brush, all … Continue reading

More stories from the Nevada Desert, Pain as a part of the Human Condition, and thoughts on

…I was speaking last week about our recent stay in the Northern Nevada Desert and a visit from an old friend with some ‘psychological’ issues. Now, I could probably take another month’s worth of blogs to describe all the interesting events that unfolded out there, from our secret Crystal Cave visit to Mia finding an … Continue reading

Nothing to fear from Death, 7 Sages: Chilon, and allowing men to be men

Oh joy, friends, the opening day of the MLB season has arrived, ah! Yes, this die-hard San Francisco Giants fan is in high spirits and looking for another return to the World Series. I won’t belabor how much better we are than the hated Dodgers, who we just dominated, or how…well, I suppose I should … Continue reading

Milt at the Mendocino Men’s Conference, the Fraud that is Authority, and The ‘Get Over Yourself” Handbook nears completion

Well hello again, friends! Everybody thoroughly saturated with the Winter Olympics? Yep, thought so… Me, I’m hanging in till Opening Day of the MLB season; until then, we do have some work to get to, including some thoughts on a very enlightening experience I had this week; so, why screw around, let’s get to it! … Continue reading

Reflections on my Father’s death, and the MiltnMia Show podcast is now live, hooray!

Hey everybody, I am officially back after a few week’s absence. I had the dual difficulty, if you will, of dealing with the death of my father while struggling with a nasty bladder infection; if my wife, Mia, an RN, hadn’t caught it, it coulda been me everybody was visiting in the mortuary this week, … Continue reading

Rhythm rather than Vibration, being consistently in-consistent, fear of criticizing women, and a little pre-judice is good for you

A nice week here at the Quibner Ranch, folks, wow, and I hope it was similar for all of you. Amazing weather, pleasant people, stimulating conversation and activity all around me, I am just blessed to be alive, I tell you! I am pleased to report how well my radio show, The Sexual Symposium on … Continue reading

Quibner hits the radio, a nice ‘review’ of the book, and the Art of Exaggeration in Philosophical Applications

Hey everybody, I hope you’ve had an excellent and invigorating summer, as I have! And now, with Fall looming, I am kicking in my Media Push with some rather exciting news, at least for me: Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday nights at 8 pm Pacific please join me for my half hour radio show, The … Continue reading